Voting finishes at: Oct. 31, 2019, 10 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 H4MA good

100 poiko Very good. Interesting challenges, nice site and overall theme. Only negative was it running during the week.

100 nytr0gen well made challenges

100 0xf4b1 nice CTF

100 maritio_o 100/100, very good CTF!

100 S1r1u5 Great Challenges.

100 naiamepb it was a fun and challenging ctf

100 vidner good one

100 myrdyr Interesting challenges, all released immediately. Good difficulty level.

100 zup Really fun challenges! I learned a lot even though I spent way too much time on just a few challenges

100 Frisk Hard and rewarding exercises

100 Yodakasi fun ctf

60 Toroto006 Were really nice challenges in total, even if difficulty rating was for me a little off!

100 warlock_rootx Nice ctf

100 nytr0gen really good web challenges

100 hanugra nice

100 umutoztunc Really fun pwn and crypto challenges.

73 zavinator Hard CTF, please more baby challs :)

100 kylebot I like the baby kernel series. Thanks Sceptic!

30 Pharisaeus Meh. Also middle of the week.

100 mystiz Very fun crypto challenges. It is however hard to focus on weekdays...

72 chq-matteo Very good event liked challenges from all categories, but during week days so only got to play at night

60 vient good