Voting finishes at: Aug. 23, 2019, 4 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


22 awawa :)

13 imthoe fun challenges, not too hard.

25 sokolekster OK

25 stackola just the right balance between difficult and fun

25 jlxip This is one of the most interesting CTFs I've participated in. A huge lot of challenges, some of them quite original.

25 V4bel (grin)

25 nytr0gen good times

25 zoom13 Great ctf! Loved that they used discord instead of irc.

25 matthewbaisley Pretty darn good, couldn't work on it too much though, had some other work to do.

25 aidangoettsch bigly cool, summer ctf is good

15 dayrell guessing everywhere

25 yakuh1t0 :)

25 x0r19x91 good

25 aCesSpRo cool pwn challenges

25 Bechsen Very nice CTF, great challenges

25 mrT4ntr4 awesome challenges!!

19 drw0if Some challenges were broken in the first place but it was full of very different challenges

25 korami -

25 pyon787 good

25 b3y0nd3r

22 Zielony Creative challenges a bit different then standard

25 Ripp

25 hongwei123 very creative challenge

25 yor nice challs and terrible infrastructure

25 michens really interesting challenges

21 tenflo Nice, some challenge description not easy understandable but it was a good CTF

18 Sc0rpion Interesting event, but those questions need more hints because it's so mixed

15 Xh4H Main website was always down until they fixed DoS. Challenges were really nice except for forensics. Web challs were really good

25 bobi lolo

25 ndrixx nice challenges

12 ptr-yudai pwn tasks were good if it were not for HARDMODE. forensics, crypto, misc were mostly guessing / boring.

25 SoulTaku Love The uniqueness of challenges

22 meowmeowxw The server was unstable for a day, but the challenges were great. I had lot of fun with misc,pwn. Crypto wasn't real crypto.

25 n0m4d Really enjoyed this ctf. Thanks a lot!

14 fl3x3dd Too much guessing

25 runn3r Good CFT

25 yakuh1t0 :P

5 Lorak_ Extremely bad infrastructure. Forensics wasn't forensics, should be renamed to guessing. Worst web challs I've ever seen.

16 kuriosly Pretty good CTF

18 Gabies Pretty, ok for a 1st edition.

25 Milkdrop Fun

25 revdev thanks for the nice ctf! Not too short, nice challs, awesome

23 Immobility It was a fun CTF! Loved the pwn and reversing challenges. Thanks!

25 keviin Really appreciated the amount of time we had. Pretty cool.

17 d4vid Forensics & crypto involved a lot of guessing. Some of the tasks didn't even involve usage of forensic techniques but just random guessing.

25 ordbl0ke Enjoyed pwn tasks. Time period appreciated. Would recommend bottom limits for points (Zipline having the same amount of points as survey)

25 zoom13 Amazing ctf. The four day length really allowed us to learn.

25 n0b0dy not terrible.

25 d3xf Pleasant CTF with a variety of challenges

20 FeDEX various pwn challenges. would recommend it for an entry level

15 wonrzrzeczny Oops, didn't noticed 140 chars limit :p. It's better to resign from crypto/forens category rather than to force very poor quality tasks.

15 wonrzrzeczny Very unimaginative tasks, involving a ton of guess work. Crypto was terrible, had only one somewhat interesting challenge, which looked ex

25 umutoztunc Even though servers were not up all the time, the challenges were really fun

25 2kofawsome Good stuff

25 Hackhim nice pwn challs

25 No-fix As always, some problems about the servers but it was ok. Not very good forensics/web problems, but reverse and pwn was super good !

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

25 Nexov There was some problems with servers accessibility - but CTF was very good:)