Voting finishes at: Sept. 15, 2019, 6 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


15 u1nt A lot of guessing

25 cwgreene Good ctf; probably would have benefited from dynamic scoring.

22 handsomeliu012 Require unreasonable guessing. Lack of technical crypto problem. The only crypto problem with code is way too easy.

22 SC4R pretty guessy

11 aim Try hard

15 soulctf Solid challenges, guessy

22 cwaldron97 Well run event chals were fun

10 vaibhav_jayant Average CTF

20 HanEmile guessy

10 theoldmoon0602 nice guess

25 siam very fun

25 tt_ctf Good CTF

25 sechopgoblin Would have liked more web challenges, but overall different and entertaining CTF.

20 lionaneesh Good ctf. Missed pwn :(

25 emerald51 Very fun CTF

25 n0m4d Great CTF! I enjoyed forensics the most

25 grac

25 bhvima :)

20 z0m31en7 Was a nice ctf overall.

19 xelemental Great Fun

1 gorbak25 During the CTF there were a lot of categories available - My favorite tasks belonged to the "Mind Reading" category, not to be confused with

1 gorbak25 When I first saw 20 guessing challenges I've immediately fallen in love with Affinity CTF! Can't wait for the next edition <3

15 wonrzrzeczny meh :/

15 PwnedPanda More web tasks would have been great. Good challenges in general otherwise.

25 rajebdev horeee

20 _bl4de Good CTF overall, but some challenges (Web) were too easy IMHO.

16 KFBI Some of the hints were straight up misleading. Lot of guesswork, but otherwise good

17 zup Good, but some of the tasks were very guessy

22 erfur Would love to see more RE challenges, otherwise good.

25 bhu_ Good challenges, nice variety

15 Xlamber fantastic

25 ndrixx Nice challenge

16 Philogic Nice challenges. More Web and RE tasks would be nice

18 flash It was a great CTF. After a very long time it felt like playing a CTF. Great work organizers!

8 ptr-yudai too guessing. need more rev / web / pwn, less stego, misc.

19 Natanor Great fun

25 warlock_rootx Nice ctf

25 dc143c