Voting finishes at: Sept. 22, 2019, 8 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


60 t1016d Great learned from some challenges. Minus 4 for Twitch: looks interesting but actually annoying and unfair.

42 kzalloc Nice ctf

64 andreafioraldi very very good, as usual

45 b3y0nd3r Good challenges, RE were really good.

64 sechopgoblin enjoyed the web challanges

64 meowmeowxw awesome ctf

64 lionaneesh Nice level of challenges. Great admins.

64 KevOrr Great spread of easy to hard

64 blackpearl nice one

64 warlock_rootx nice

55 zup Spent too much time on secure-file-storage due to problems with the design. But it was fun!

64 soulctf Pretty rough start

64 erfur Interesting challenges on the upper end

64 The_Tesla_Boy it was good and very good for the beginner.........../trying to realistic ......enjoyed very much -----lack of english support

64 FeDEX Nice

44 theKidOfArcrania ...(also they gave you leaks in almost everyone of them, even the hard ones :thonk:)

44 theKidOfArcrania RE's were really exciting, but most of the PWNs were really easy, and was really not as tight as it couldve been (also they gave you leaks i

64 sampriti good

64 VoidMercy nice

50 aaditya_purani Same stuff as alfink said+file storage web was badly designed for multiplayers, bot down wasted lot of time.Rest all chals were ok.(-twitch)

64 cts good

55 alfink High-quality challenges; But: patched unintended vuln after it was already solved by other teams; platform issues