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64 The_Tesla_Boy it was good and very good for the beginner.........../trying to realistic ......enjoyed very much -----lack of english support

64 FeDEX Nice

44 theKidOfArcrania ...(also they gave you leaks in almost everyone of them, even the hard ones :thonk:)

44 theKidOfArcrania RE's were really exciting, but most of the PWNs were really easy, and was really not as tight as it couldve been (also they gave you leaks i

64 sampriti good

64 VoidMercy nice

50 aaditya_purani Same stuff as alfink said+file storage web was badly designed for multiplayers, bot down wasted lot of time.Rest all chals were ok.(-twitch)

64 cts good

55 alfink High-quality challenges; But: patched unintended vuln after it was already solved by other teams; platform issues