Voting finishes at: Dec. 31, 2019, 2 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 brennords Nice challenges

25 i1.krasnopolskiy Kruto

25 KHroot Good challenges

25 reganel Awesome CTF with MA tasks

25 r0lfnd MIREA Cybernetics ftw

25 green_panda999 Good CTF

25 nikprid Good job!

25 nikprid Good job!

25 whiskey n1

25 whiskey n1

25 Agalas Unique tasks and very kind admins

25 suslikcs meow

25 ndrixx nice CTF

25 keltecc thanks for stega!

25 redboot Nive and unique challenges

25 Nexov Nice CTF

25 yonatand learned quite a lot about crypto

25 knaniala Very good ctf

25 amoniaka-knabino Interesting tasks with new year/christmas topic, orgs was on-line and quickly answered if we had questions. Design of CTFd was amazing :D I

25 F055il215 :)

25 sunny.capt c00l

25 ni8walk3rr The ctf was good, learned a lot!

25 moondemon68 nice

25 plaguedo Interesting tasks, custom design, yolka na glavnoy, mandarinki, nastroenie. Very good organization.

25 69 very cool

25 Lex_SD Интересно и с душой. Спасибо за новогоднее настроение!)

25 HenryRozenttag JOY

25 Kuruwa FUN <3

25 Silmaulviel <3

25 aziz good rev

25 fl3x3dd Gg wp!

24 fl3x3dd Gg wp!

25 ciplenok57 Kks the best