Voting ended at: Nov. 30, 2019, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 82.02 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


95 umfc theodor died due to the unsolvable binary task so -5 goes to his funeral

90 vladvis some issues with binary service, but anyway it's the best AD

75 korniltsev engine wtf. game network at the end felt sick.

100 korniltsev engine wtf

100 texh0k0t zajebisty ctf

100 kukuxumushi обычный говноцтф

85 Lunary ctf was nice, but there was strange binary task and problems with cloud load balancing

100 7ur7l3 really nice ctf

70 Pharisaeus Very nice! I loved the fact that there was a crypto challenge in AD. Still, the scoring it totally random and awkward.

100 0631 Just cool, nothing more.

100 markus Nice CTF, interesting services, overall stable.

100 mvs Some problems with checkers.Chals were a little worst compared to last year,but this org works harder to make probably the best AD out there

67 vient upd: small network problems, the only binary task was unsolvable. Otherwise, nice.

100 Leofwin Great CTF and tasks are interesting

50 paulch Personally, I feel that each year quality level of ructfe decreases.This year I wasted 9 hours on unsolvable task. Network was nice, imao.

30 andreafioraldi Only one over 7 services was a binary :( Let us to pwn guys. The checker didn't work for us many times. Bad this time.

100 kcotsneb Great CTF, some issues with checkers every now and then, but that is expected if team send 10s of gigs over the network.

80 vient noice, although the network was not perfect