Voting ended at: Feb. 1, 2020, 7:59 a.m.

Weight after voting: 20.86 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


10 ni8walk3rr Interesting entry-level CTF

25 Burgos1337 nice ctf!

10 face0xff Lots of guessing, redundancy and challenges that are not enough "technical-oriented", but still a fun and high-spirited event!

25 idHreusen Amazing CTF!

25 bhu_ interesting

20 klydd Fun and light CTF

25 T4r0 Fun CTF, friendly organisers, simple challenges with a few challenging ones

25 astroboy Nice work

25 EvilMorty intresting

13 naveenselvan Guessing Challenges!!

10 lrfrx Interesting entry-level CTF. Too bad most of the challenges were guessing. Next time you will do it better !

25 0XSVDWI good

25 einar-lanfranco In general it was a good CTF, 5 days of fun!

10 therhd little guessy

25 abhay noice

10 kilo Lot of task were very guessy. Tasks content changed without notification.

25 Sz4rny Interesting challenges but some of questions are guessy.

25 Siemko Well ogranized!

25 Siemko This was a very well-organized and hard CTF!

19 XXI_The_World good CTF for beginners

25 wski challenging and fun

25 Nexov Too much guessing tasks. And 'random' points for taks. Please - don't do it again in such a way.

25 n3m351d4 !

25 bhvima pwn next time plz

24 cxzaqwed very funny and full of options/categories.

25 @Polly Thank you

25 KKaP-t This was a good CTF, a wide variety in challenges

15 simmyno UWU

21 niloya It was fun and very beginner friendly

25 putravenkataraju164 Great challenge, taught lots of new ways

25 MrPos3id0n nice ctf !!!

18 vvn1995 Very fun and unique CTF. And really friendly organizers!

23 alimadodo Too much guessing but an interesting ctf for beginner

25 ndrixx nice ctf

25 cypherphage nice one

10 Ziyed A lot of guessing

25 astroboy awesome

25 j4m3s.b0nd Excellent game and challenges

20 kok good admins, unique challs, but some guesswork and clunky platform

20 FloydPinkerton easy but unique problems. lots of guesswork though.

9 Isopach Every challenge: Guess the flag. Also some hints were given out individually on official discord

25 Kuruwa Nice

15 cryspy A lot of fun, good variety and progression, didn't like the "guessy" challenges though, plus a few challs were sabotaged by other players.

25 shou good

4 deuterium Too much of uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu UWU uWu

25 t0x1c2r00t It took us a while to solve it, great one

25 t0x1c2r00t Hard to solve

25 nosurf Great CTF, especially for first time CTF creators

12 death-of-rats + Lots of challenges, + time, over 5 days, - sometimes more guessing, sometimes more searching (crypto = guessing, web = searching)

22 grubadubdub Mostly unrelated guesses but fun.

25 crabcactus Lots of challenges to solve, lots of guessing and some challenges are a bit odd.

25 Mystrite Interesting and clever challenges. Organisers were very nice.

25 nhy Very fun CTF, and staff is sooo nice! One of my best ^^ L0v plant and rice

5 peace-maker Nice effort, but way too much guessing. Only a faint relation to security for most challenges.

10 teapot Too much guessing.

25 reminthink Nice ctf

5 moondemon68 too much guessing

25 BlackWarriorXTN Too much guessing even the binary challenges were so ez, but we encourage the responsible team they were so kind and c

3 ubnix Too much guessing

6 0xd4127c3c Too much guessing

25 newbie89 Great CTF, very friendly organisers and a great variety of challenges. Looking forward to next year!

25 KKaP-t D

17 Vicious.Circle kinda fun, well organized but too much guessing

25 realWolverine very nicely organised and great support from organisers and other participants

25 realWolverine :-)

25 n3m351d4 <3

25 minhtuanact LOL =)), play this tournament so damn

13 binaryplease Too much CTF-like, not very realistic

25 lionaneesh Amazing ctf. Shoutouts to Vihaan and Jess for amazing challenges.

25 R0s0maq Too much guessing.

25 Ceisc Really enjoyable CTF. Wide range of challs. Available and friendly admins. Looking forward to see what they do next year.

25 Blacknote interesting and odd challenges, sometimes too guessy but really friendly staff

25 jerepretto Very nice!

21 csys A nice, cool, and quirky ctf. Lots of guessing, but there are some stuff that made sense. There's a certain adrenaline rush you get when you

16 TrojanWeb Nice ctf. With lots of guessing. Have challenges for beginners to advance..

16 Ross46 hosted by high schoolers... bit guessy stuff. but there was not much of a downtime. a bit different ctf compared to others. nice attempt by

25 NightWolf_ Staff was friendly and if something broke, they got it fixed. Some challenges seemed odd but they were fun to solve.

25 MrPos3id0n some challenge i don't like

1 theKidOfArcrania meh ctf, lotta guessing and stuff ._.

25 r4zk3r Nivel ctf, junior to expert

25 r4zk3r Nivel ctf, junior to expert

25 y12uN great CTF for ro0kies

25 droven0101 One of the most interesting CTFs we participated in, the organizers were very cool and kind, and we really loved the touch of data science,

25 warlock_rootx Nice ctf

1 Pharisaeus Guessing, stegano, nothing to do with CTFs or security at all. Garbage-tier event.

25 sirnef Too much guessing but fun

13 Wrth Not really competitive but a very nice environment for newcomers

9 Wrth Not really competitive but a very nice environment for newcomers

23 j4m3s.b0nd Good to start

25 payton.miller404 Organizers were chill, community was even more amazing, not a "strict" CTF, but a great environment for new users, that are looking to find

25 0xkasper Awesome CTF

25 ResponsibleAdult very cool organizers were chill

25 MikoMikarro Is my first one and it wsa hilarious

5 wasamasa Tons of guessing, cringy memes, random points, hints contained urls, attachments were in the description, lame crypto, more cooperative than

25 soulctf Decent amount of challenges, to much guessing

25 vn-ki Extra 5 for the memes

25 damjan Plenty of guessing, but also friendly organizers and a lot of humor. Fun experience.

25 d3xf Fun CTF with a satirical touch.

25 brlaw A very nice CTF, challenges for all.

20 vn-ki Guessy challs. Admins were really good. No pwn and rev wasn't good except one.

25 Smerdis Nice

25 50m30n3 Fun CTF for a first-year and for younger folks.

25 robin5693 Fun CTF. Good work for high school students

25 Thunderpoke Fun and interesting ctf

25 kanvk Great CTF!

25 willwam845 A really nice CTF for our first, challenges were quite enjoyable and many were very unique! Really looking forward to next year

25 tzelyk :)

25 F055il215 :)

25 AdiPratama15 enjoyable ctf event, thank you

25 Freelanceh4ck3r No too tech-related, but enjoyable...

25 jammy cool ctf

25 szymex73 Nice CTF. Very nice difficulty curve and an awesome helpful community on the discord.

25 M4t35Z Very good ctf, creative challenges ggwp!

25 sids Very fun CTF and my first time attempting AI challenges. Hope to have just as much fun next yr! :)

25 A1pha0ps Fun CTF - Challenges were extremely fun! First time I've seen AI challs :o

25 0x5444 Great CTF - very friendly organisers and a great variety of challenges. Looking forward to next year ;-)