Voting ended at: June 2, 2020, midnight

Weight after voting: 22.02 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


21 better_call_n1ck I learned a lot from this ctf

25 sakonji good ctf

25 sauravchandra Good CTF

25 S0UL4 Amazing

25 brainrecursion good range of challenges

25 ret2basic Nice pwn challenges

25 insomn14 Good CTF

25 Archit404Error good ctf

25 AVONTON good challenges

25 Nexov Ok

25 moraes great ctf

25 wski Maximum 140 characters.

25 _Ph03N1X_ Nice CTF

1 [deleted user] bad infra

25 sshubhamk1 Questions were tricky and learned a lot from this CTF

25 Debik Excellent CTF with fun and gripping tasks for hackers different levels

25 Debik Excellent CTF with fun and gripping tasks for hackers different levels

25 altareen A really fun CTF, even despite the flag leaks.

25 Leminspector good

25 NAT nice

20 careless_finch nice

25 hongwei123 Nice Challenges!

25 Scalpel Loved it, very good

22 insomn14 great ctf

12 timestamp The moment with the flag leaks and the modification of the deadline..

17 d0p_amin Some challenges were way too guessy. Some others were quite nice.

1 lyellread I had fun, but the challenges were very easy.

20 ptr-yudai too much guessing, some infra/ctftime problem, pwn are mostly about simple bof. but might be educational for high schoolers.

25 fr0g2s good for noob like me

1 captainGeech Mediocre challenge quality at best, too much guessing

1 [deleted user] terrible ctf

25 m25 ctf was challenging but enjoyable

25 NZT Cool

25 [deleted user] panda ctf

25 tux2024 good ctf

25 UnnaturalFirewall Very good ctf

25 UnnaturalFirewall Very good ctf

18 h4ck7u5 very good ctf to learn the basics

25 e11i0t_ Nice

25 e11i0t_ Awsome ctf

25 marshmallowqwq well a little guessy

24 Enox had some good challenges

15 urzu Good variety of challenges

25 Smerdis nice

20 olivato Good challs, but too much layers in the challs

15 Fuiji_no_Hiroshima F

25 TheQuickBrownFox great

5 bigpick Score - (every answer on Github bc _time is hard_ + (0.5 * total throwaway guessing challenges))

20 W3rni0 fun CTF but has a lot of guessing challenges

25 f4r4w4y very good, except for all the captchas

23 k0wa1ski Overall very good CTF, some boring challenges but a few really interesting ones.

25 b3y0nd3r Good challenges

20 Alpha666 Sometimes its too tricky and hard xD

25 jerepretto nice

25 arinerron fun ctf (giv ctftime points plz)

25 arinerron fun ctf (giv ctftime points plz)

25 ret2basic Pwn challenges are good. Some other challenges are guessy.

25 @theice

25 gajrajgchouhan Interesting challenges

15 0x5a Pretty guessy but had a few good challs

25 rogeriobastos Pretty nice challenges

1 Akinari Hmm

15 0x80O0oOverfl0w It was an ok CTF. Seemed like some chals were just out in left field.

22 jyu78749 Some challenges were interesting to solve. Some were guessing.

25 k0wa1ski Had hiccups, but overall a very interesting set of easier challenges.

25 Mugiw4r4 good ctf

25 sirnef Nice challenges

25 ins0 some issues but overall a good ctf

22 datajerk too long, wrong dates contributed to flag leak, flag leak drama caused a reset? i did however learn 2 things i didnt know. +2 for that

1 vim dafuq

25 coreflood nice

25 Strellic a little bit of guessctf, but some of the challenges were quite fun

25 F055il215 :)

25 Drakon Pretty good, except for the web infrastructure, but that's alright.

25 ViperX7 .good beginner level ctf

25 Kahla nice ctf

25 Burgos1337 Nice CTF!

25 NotDeGhost High quality CTF

25 NotDeGhost High quality CTF

25 green_panda999 Fun Web challs.

17 rupanshugoyal enjoyed

20 NZT Cool

25 Klaios Interesting tasks, big variety of their complexity. Helpful admins

25 layka_ Very cool CTF. A lot to learn and a lot of news things.

21 willsroot Final challenges were very nice, but earlier challenges were very guessy. Admins were very helpful and nice, so it was still fun!

25 joshdabosh Some guess challenges but some good ones as well. Admins (or just admin) did their best.

25 SaiMyGuy Best CTF Dab

25 Casparov Very balanced for a beginner ctf, easy start, intermediate end. Didn't have problems with rollback, not many flags were changed.

24 GeorgeO Balanced tasks

25 c3p0xrt Good CTF

1 Akuma hmmmmm

21 woa Good CTF but a bit frustrating at times

23 clubby789 Fun CTF, found the difficulty to be well balanced and a good length. Found a couple challenges slightly guessy.

23 willwam845 Overall a pretty nice CTF with some cool challenges, despite the issues there were. Taking off two for a couple guessy challenges however.

21 PMPuns A tad bit guessy, though there were a number of thoroughly interesting challenges. Would recommend.

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

21 l0rd_p1rate Some nice challs,but many guessing challs...

25 lamnhh The web challenges are pretty fun

20 0xecho Have bot participated in a lot of events, but its obvious when u see a good challenge suited for beginners

25 matiasp6 nice CTF

21 0x5444 Actually I think a higher vote it justified

18 0x5444 Enjoyable CTF with well thought out challenges, but had issues with flag leakage and significant downtime. Would play again.

25 RealJammy Although having some initial teething issues that weren't the admins fault, this CTF was great. Admins were funny and helpful.

1 SIben Resetting challenges mid-CTF = WTF? Mostly guessy challs, flags got leaked, platform was down a while... Shouldn't have weight.

25 Maestran Good CTF

19 rwx788 Great ctf with a lot challenges for different levels. I had some issues with hints not being loaded, anti DDOS was also quite annoying.

1 vim Rude admins, incorrect dates, unresponsive admins, this crappy CTF should be banned !

5 Hackhim pwn challs could have been more creative

25 p4w nice CTf

24 En1gma more harder reversing !!!

25 nhy A lot of challenges, nice team, gj!

25 alphasupreme77 Nice ctf for beginners

25 hackyeaster A lot of great challenges, thanks!

25 dissector nice!

25 Al3x2 Not secure server !!!!!

25 Skyflan Learned a lot from this CTF

25 akverma00 Gud

1 akverma00 Gud one

1 S_in Organizers find it smart to add random guessing to almost all challenges to leverage the difficulty.1pt for some ok challs (gamer m, home r)

25 lightspeedana Loved this!

25 miuze Great ctf

22 fx_tail Great but there's some troubles while the competition is running by absence of email verification

15 Razvi Nice broad variety of challenges ranging from entry-level to more advanced mid-level (I'd say).

25 b4n4n4s I learned a lot from this CTF

19 152334H `Just a moment... Checking your browser before accessing`

25 chitkara.abhi cool

25 izufic quite nice CTF

25 tete2soja Really nice ctf!

25 vcpo Veldig bra CTF!

25 csys Splendid

25 sauravchandra Great CTF!

25 _wh1t3r0se_ duh!

20 apoirrier Good CTF overall, with a lot of challenges. Also quite a lot of issues: wrong dates on CTFTime, shutdown on the middle of the competition,..

25 dwang Fun CTF

25 DaKeiser Amazing CTF