Voting ended at: April 18, 2020, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.61 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Mokey Nice

25 lnatl

25 languis .

25 yassinereptor Nice

25 chop0 fun ctf

25 fluffen Good mix of difficulty levels and nice UX, nice labeling of challanges (easy, challenging etc...)

25 3mm4h3ff great ctf

25 teapot good

25 alphasupreme77 nice ctf

25 PausBenedictus Excellent built-in tutorial and resources prior to the CTF. Fun and original challenges and a well working custom platform

25 coreflood gr8

25 AnisBoss Good Pwn and Forensics Tasks!

25 kitae ok

15 kitae ok, except web chall requires too much guessing

25 rekter0 good

25 SemahBA nice

22 y4mm1 cool CTF

3 FOLKS-iwd no schedule for tasks

25 willsroot Fun CTF with creative challenges!

25 gajrajgchouhan fun challenge

25 mboehn Great fun. My first CTF, learned a lot. Quick writeups and live stream after ending.

25 ph1nx Nice CTF

12 ReverseBrain This year I think the quality was lower then previous editions. By the way there were a lot of good challenges

25 Akuma nice

25 SpiderPigXL really well made CTF. but pretty hard aswell (beside the noob questions)

25 Debik challenging tasks and unique. Very nice

15 Lotus98 Really crazy challenges, struggled a lot, but overall enjoyed most of the ones I did

25 anassech132 Nice

25 kerz Very nice challenges, and really nice infra.

25 jason.ladias Very nice challenges with various difficulties

20 jason.ladias Very nice challenges and good rating system.

16 dosxuz Some of the challenges were really tough. But some were a very good learning experience. Overall very nice CTF

25 rustyelectron ctf with a variety of good challenges

25 gajrajgchouhan unique challenges

25 JSec good

25 AlphaChaos good mix of challenge types and difficulty levels

25 python4004 good

25 qpwoeirut nice with diverse range of difficulty

25 JanKruse nice ctf, great challenges, good infrastructure

25 streaker_rules nice ctf

25 shinmai Fun beginner-friendly ctf with a few challenges for more seasoned players, too. Kudos.

25 0xd4127c3c NIce

25 _k0imet was great ... expecting a greater one

21 nroot .

10 nroot .

25 GigaByteRex Great CTF with a nice mix of both subjects and difficulty levels.

25 reminthink Nice CTF

25 languis .

25 nick0ve pwn and crypto-reverse challs were funny, good job!

24 shinmai Fun beginner-friendly ctf with a few challenges for more seasoned players, too. Kudos.

25 axelamit many fun challs!

25 jdesalle Loved the plateform, fun challenges and good mix for the difficulties

25 lionaneesh Really well made ctf. I learned that I am very bad at pwn still! :(

25 En1gma nice ctf

25 kanav nice platform, very hard challenges

24 White_Rabbit Great tutorials XD

25 iceclue nice ctf, beginner friendly, love it

25 Shirajuki Very good!

25 Al3x2 good

25 Al3x2 very good and high quality challenges. thank ;)

25 TMUCTF Very good

25 H4MA good

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

25 Heichou I need points but this was not funny. Though some challenges was great, other need too much guessing

25 oniisama fun challs, great tutorial for new ctfers.

25 sebastianpc Very fun. Good challenges. Good organizers, Balanced difficulty

25 stackola High Quality CTF all in all

25 sechopgoblin Great CTF thank you for all the work put into it :) looking forward to next year already.

25 sh4d0w58 interesting challenges. great ctf

25 spikytuna Solid CTF. Excellent UI

24 GDASL Great UI, fun challs

25 404d Well balanced difficulty wise, and interesting challenges

25 Frisk a

25 Frisk Hard but rewarding challenges

25 rwx788 Great ctf with challenges for all levels, well organized with write up being published next hour after the event.

25 ph1nx Nice CTF

25 ZetaTwo Thanks for a nice CTF. There are some things that can be improved but easily a 25+ CTF

25 kekburger ?

25 skandix очень хороший CTF

2 skandix очень хороший CTF

25 FeDEX Really nice CTF.