Voting ended at: April 11, 2020, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 50.21 / 55.500

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


55 ordbl0ke Enjoyed the pwn's

55 ordbl0ke Enjoyed the pwn's

55 reminthink Good CTF

40 ipolit Interesting and original. Some failures.

55 Mugiw4r4 good ctf

55 Z3D Good

27 Catp3rson Too many pwn challenges but it was good

50 zavinator Nice ctf

25 SentinelPrime7 Pretty hard but was good in content.

45 SecAddict Good CTF. Hard but interesting. Maybe some more time would have been good.

8 V0lk3n This ctf was too hard. No fun on it, but we enjoyed the auctf :)

42 hxp generally reasonable and fun tasks. some fails (speedrun leak, verifier, wrong libc). our rev guy didn't like rev.

55 v3ntur4X Hard CTF!

55 mebeim Cool CTF, nice PWNs.

55 BlackAce Nice CTF. Hard.

55 Z3D good

55 TTH Very nice CTF, learned a lot from the challenges

50 nikost Original challs especially web but too many pwns. Also IRC in 2020.

45 ptr-yudai test tasks before deploy. do not open hints / change files after some teams solved it. otherwise very good.

55 gorbak25 Great challs :3

55 hpmv Awesome creative challenges

55 ctfhacker2020

55 reminthink Good CTF

55 t_r3x Had fun! Good set of challenges.

55 ch4rli3kop Good

55 Infin I was there 5 minutes and get 0.5 rating points. Good.

55 umfc Gud

55 sqrtrev Super Challs

55 henriknero Nice

50 FeDEX nice CTF

55 lionaneesh great ctf. well organized and no guessing in any question. Loved it!

55 Mem2019 The AVR challenge is awesome, learnt a lot from it! :)

55 fl3x3dd Nice web and pwn!

55 Albanis ~

55 __beowulf__ Good

55 hack-rohan great ctf

55 milkchoco .

55 SIXGEN Great web and pwn challenges! Well organized and run.

50 vient nice

45 SIben Fun, but untested challenged and poor balance of categories (too much emphasis on pwn).

45 Redford seems like some challenges weren't properly tested and I didn't enjoy RE challs, but a plus for the nice variety of pwn challenges

55 0x4d5a-ctf Great innovative challenges, liked the starcraft one alot!

50 bawstaws Great, a bit too much pwn

55 chinchila Good

55 sechopgoblin Sweden, I don’t think so! - bad jokes aside enjoyable CTF great work by HackingForSoju

55 _bl4de Great CTF, interesting challenges, thanks!

55 defund more crypto!

55 captainGeech Very fun

55 2kofawsome Good CTF

55 ctfhacker2020

55 fluffen Fun, nice layout on the site. Good that you had some easier challanges as well.

50 kowu Good, but next time provide everything required to solve a challenge immediately, wasted hours searching for the required StarCraft Version.

43 Adikso i like it

55 zzzz needs more pwn

1 [deleted user] awful reversing, too much pwn, easy crypto but good web

55 vos zäjäbisty ctf

55 leppan Nice competition

55 dc143c

55 hgarrereyn cool challenges

55 asterite Cool web chals, especially awesome XSS chal "Crossintheroof". Also, CTF website design and UX with challenge status and authors is gorgeous