Voting finishes at: March 8, 2020, 9 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


36 __Krause__ Hard!)

36 ninnikukawaii nice and hard

30 aenniw bit hard, but really nice CTF

36 n3il0n Nice rev

29 n3il0n Nice ctf

36 F055il215 :)

36 l1th1um such binary

30 D3xter98 Challenges were hard, very challenging.

36 wonrzrzeczny Spicy

36 Infin Good and a bit hard CTF

36 User1 Real good and quality CTF

36 knaniala @NPC , if it's a hard CTF u should vote it high , else u're noob and be quiet , good luck ..

10 NPC fucking hard; reverse is reverse; forensic is reverse; crypto is reverse; and so on

36 n3m351d4 а

36 Rakabidasta (╥﹏╥)

36 hack_at_ash Some crypto is challenging and nice. Funny* is still ok but boring

36 amoniaka-knabino good ctf, unusual tasks

36 y12uN Interesting Crypto Challenges.

36 lys0829 Nice

36 damjan A+

36 qpwoeirut good

36 lionaneesh Had so much fun with the challenges. admins were nice!

36 SpaceCat good reverse

36 dsc__ nice challs

36 meowmeowxw Nice challenges.

36 hhro good

36 BlackWarriorXTN unfortunately too much pwn challenges and couldn't do anything ! but the forensics challenges were cool

36 honululu Good CTF, pwns were on the easier end, PIC was interesting and I liked the Captcha challenges

36 Silmaulviel Such binary, much proteus

36 aziz good ctf

36 korami Very good continue the good work next year

36 pomo_mondreganto One of the best Jeopardy events I've played

36 fl3x3dd Managed to solve only pwn chals :c

36 warlock_rootx nice ctf

36 Ceisc Didn't get as much chance to play as I'd have hoped, but the challs I did do were interesting and challenging. Didn't notice any issues with

36 johnnovikov0 No web but still zajebisto

36 vient reverses (+pic) were nice

36 JSec good

36 x0r19x91 nice challs