Voting ended at: Jan. 12, 2020, 2 a.m.

Weight after voting: 6.88 / 36.750

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


1 SIben Guessy for a large majority of the challenges, broken infra, and unclear rules.

13 0x4d5a-ctf Guessy and frustrating challenges, especially re02 and misc (= stegano) ones. The web challenges were ok, the pwn were super simple and not

1 inviz spam, guessing, downtime, disgusting flag format

1 terjanq A lot of spam in my inbox before the CTF started. Please stop advertising that way.

1 keltecc okay we're started to build our guessing machine

3 dce too many guessing challenge, some challenge doesn't have any logic, some challenge is copy from another contest, some challenge is using exi

5 chivay downtime, weird flag format, guessing, guessing, guessing

5 nazywam Guess The Flag

2 vos Guessing challenges; unsolvable without orgs; rate limiting with broken captcha; nobody fixes anyth. But 10k$ prize in finals, so weight >1

1 5unkn0wn I learned how to mindreading from challenges

1 TuanLinh There is no re chall at all. Only Brute01 and Guess02.

10 hhro reversing is not guessing

10 hellman lots of guessing, weird stuff with flag format, basic cryptos; + for prog challs but they are basically taken from the internet; ctf was dow

18 bennofs some OK challenges, but platform down for over 2h and guessy misc challenges

25 aaditya_purani Top(kek)-quality challenges which left me thoughtful and responsive support round the clock. Orgs should be motivated obviously. Go BTeam <3

15 FeDEX RE - absurd guessing, PLATFORM - very unstable

25 theKidOfArcrania I think last year's iteration was better, and overall I think the quality could've improved tho

1 theKidOfArcrania this ctf is so sucky... challenges were guessy, infra was unstable, everything was just a bad experience

25 9b07c09897f13ed77a1cef50a5ad3f Best misc challenge