Voting ended at: Feb. 10, 2020, 7:59 a.m.

Weight after voting: 23.99 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 catherine

25 fex0r nice

25 nosurf :D

25 jammy

25 n3m351d4 й

25 brennords (:

25 wski ok

25 sherl0ck Nice pwns!

25 Ripp

25 bobi nice challenges, kudos to the organizers

25 tmk

22 shiv_ka_ansh nice

25 ndrixx nice ctf

25 shok Made with soul =) it was very nice to solve your tasks

25 SpaceCat Nice CTF

25 shahars603 I enjoyed the challenges. The CTF offered challenges for beginners and experienced CTF participants.

23 v4d3r disappointed abouot the guessing part in crypto

22 ptr-yudai overall well-designed, -3 for the 3 crypto guesses

25 Xploit hard and fun challenges

25 t0x1c2r00t Interesting forensics and steg challenges a lil bit challenging

20 defund Make Crypto Great Again

20 theoldmoon0602 guessy crypto and misc challenges, but others are good

25 h4ckd0tm3 Well organized! Nice and challenging. Great diversity. High quality challenges.

25 mahaloz Fun and interesting CTF. The game was stable for most of the duration, had a good variety of Rev and Pwn challs with difficult challenges. W

25 F055il215 :)

25 SwegOverlord Really well organised ctf!

25 st98 Some challs are guessy, but web challs are really good

25 0XSVDWI :))

25 soulctf Don't do rolling challenges in the last day, timezones can screw you over

20 andreafioraldi Please, next time don't do libc pwnables. They are an almost useless skill to learn and they are not fun.

25 pwnnovation Very fun CTF! Well organized and super creative challenges!

22 Mystrite Good and challenging CTF, perhaps too difficult for me and my team.

20 Mem2019 -5 for the guessy part of challenges

25 tahitictf Good and tough CTF warrants 25+

25 ionno A bit tough but also very challenging and entertaining

25 vvxhid Nice Ctf

25 stuxn3t The forensics tasks were really good. Easily deserves 25+

25 ubnix Cool Rev task

25 strlght Great and interesting tasks!

25 y12uN Fun and tough CTF!

25 Ceisc Nice CTF. Good stability. Nice challs. Hopefully next time around I'll solve more of them :D

25 droven0101 Very good CTF, although it was a bit hard, really loved the forensics part!

25 n3m351d4 )

25 damjan Very good.

25 t_r3x Good set of challenges. Had fun

25 vn-ki Epic challs. Lots of fun.

25 harapalb .

25 Laika Nice ctf

25 minhtuanact good, very hard :D

25 wr3nchsr .

18 mdaliakbar98 Very tough for my first CTF but its really fun!!

17 vvn1995 Very tough but anyway fun challenges!

25 deraswer Great ctf for great people ya

25 Apachee Joyfull and times to times hard CTF

21 msaboor35 Good challenges

25 nosurf Tough but enjoyable CTF - would have liked more chals with a wider spread of difficulty

25 catherine

25 DaKeiser Our first CTF as a team. Found it hard, but yeah a great learning experience

25 MrPos3id0n i'll play this ctf in the next time :)

25 vintheimp difficult CTF, I learned a lot from the easiest challenges

25 MrPos3id0n Reversing are too hard for me but i love it <3

25 0xkasper Very interesting challenges, well organized, good mix of difficulty

25 mvs good ctf, but web was too guessing

25 zavinator Zajebisty ctf :)

25 BlackWarriorXTN solid Tasks , learned a lot from them

25 Ziyed Such a good CTF ! Enjoyed it :D

25 TheQuickBrownFox Great introductory CTF, could learn a lot!

25 olivato This was the best CTF we have participated!

25 erdy Great CTF.

24 AdiPratama15 well organized CTF

25 kevlar Excellent CTF. Really enjoyed the web challenges!

25 layton

25 kilo Very nice CTF, especially Forensics challs. Lot of Fun.

20 TwentyOneCool Too much non-crypto in the crypto section, fine otherwise

25 XXXX  

25 anticlockwise .

25 ni8walk3rr Interesting ctf!

24 deuterium -1 for too much obsession with rubiks cubes

25 dsc__ High quality CTF. Great job.

25 Blacknote nice ctf

11 hasu Well organized with interesting challenges. Will play again next year.

25 therhd Great challenges

25 SIben Uneven tasks, some with too much guessing. Crypto was mostly misc. However, overall pretty good quality, so still easily deserves 25.

25 Wekowoe Very fun ctf! Especially the challenges with Rubik's cube!

25 wski Nice looking CTF

25 tete2soja Really good CTF, good team and really nice chall even if some was hard :)

25 soulctf Don't enjoy rolling challenges, sucks when the last few are released when you're sleeping

25 hgarrereyn great non-guessy reversing!

25 Milkdrop Fun!

25 lionaneesh Definitely deserves more than 25. Very hard ctf for me :D

25 jammy pretty challenging :)

25 WGH This CTF was a really nice surprise.

25 vient nice reverse

25 Fish Amazing CTF. Cool challenges. Reversings are easy and fun. It deserves more than 25 points.