Voting finishes at: Jan. 26, 2020, 9 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 kowu No pwn, unnecessary red herrings and some dirbuster-solvable guessy web chals. Sometimes the challenges were not working. Disappointing.

40 R0s0maq Nice ctf:)

10 Blacknote Super guessy, unresponsive admins

26 vikychoi Quite hard t.t

10 Ceisc Too guessy. Too unstable. Too many questions unanswered by admins. Couple of nice challs. Overall inferior to last year.

11 8710xiq No Pwn and limited few challenges and far inferior to the past.

64 vihanb Multilayered, but approachable questions with good depth and originality.

78 y12uN Fewer but Higher Quality Questions

25 pickaxe No mobile challenge as stated in rule, so few challenges

15 kilo little guessy challs (enumerations etc. without proper statement about tools usage), very unstable task environments

32 cryspy First come first served scoring was biased against teams in other timezones

78 M4t35Z Very good ctf

30 tzelyk good

10 sampriti Crypto challenges were good, everything else was guessing. Not very good ctf.

15 m3ssap0 Too much guessing in web challenges without a clear public statement on enumeration tools usage.

30 0xd13a Decent CTF but some hiccups. Easter egg is a bad idea, breaks trust...

20 avl Guessy chals.

20 TTH Unfortunately much worse than last year.

50 F055il215 :)

20 gkrishna tasks were too guessy

15 VoidMercy tasks were guessy, no pwn

15 kaibro Bad web challenges :(

30 disconnect3d the downtime in defiltrate task wasn't obvious and announced: the page still worked, but the underlying service did not

30 disconnect3d I really enjoyed the defiltrate part1 and part2 tasks, but there was a moment that the task didn't work properly and its downtime weren't an

3 rugonaut Pure guessing in the web challenges. Bad chsll design, first level always included guessing.

20 adrianoribeiro No pwn and guessing challenges

24 Fish Web challenges were too guessy. Hiding other challenges behind low-quality web challenges means no one could work on those. Also, too few ch

20 nomeaning sbox challenge was excellent, but I couldn't reach other crypto challs because of guessy web challs.

20 borysp Poor webs (hardest parts were guessing), half of tasks down half of the time. No pwns (not a real issue, just sad). Nothing compared to prev

30 alfink Guessy challs, unresponsive admins, no mobile and pwn. Fully agree to Redford and Ceisc's feedback:

20 xenocidewiki Most rev was behind shitty web challenges, no pwn, overall not a very fun experience

30 terjanq I must agree with comments below. Webs were designed poorly. Different server responses for the same payloads. Services down for 10% of ctf.

15 hyperreality No pwn and crypto/rev gated behind shitty web

9 dp1 Bad, guessy challenges, no pwn and most of the stuff locked behind badly designed web challenges

40 mystiz sbox was okay. secretus was guessy. multileveled challenges scored a bit too high...

25 plonk Challenges felt quite a bit guessy, had lots of red herrings not marked as such, and were down most of the time. Also, no pwn, which was one

30 Redford Guessy and unstable webs, no pwn, REs blocked behind those webs :( Longer comment:

30 SIben Some tasks with a lot of guessing involved, weird distribution of tasks. The quality of the challenges did not meet my expectations.

30 SIben Challenges with a lot of guessing involved, weird distribution of tasks. The quality of the challenges did not meet my expectations for the

25 manf Crypto (sbox) was fine, some others seemed too guessy. Only 10 challs with 2 staged meant very limited choice of tasks to work on.

50 ZetaTwo Nice RE. Didn't really enjoy the web. Over all decent quality.

40 nsr 0 pwn and multiple staged challenges with web-first is a very bold decision, given the history of this CTF. Nonetheless, okay quality.

60 vient good, but chained tasks killed the fun for me (as a reverse engineer)