Voting finishes at: Feb. 16, 2020, 5 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


55 theKidOfArcrania nice

55 hasu Great challenges

55 yonatand good ctf

55 reminthink Nice

55 Priv8 Fun CTF, quite a few tough ones.

55 mr.yellow cool ctf

55 n3il0n Hard and Interesting reverse challs

55 MrEnigma nice reverse !!!

55 Laukvoll Great CTF, loved the dora task!

55 MrR3boot As always, i learn something new from this. Great work Team.

55 warlock_rootx nice ctf

55 putravenkataraju164 Hard CTF, needed more hints

55 v3ntur4X hard ctf!

55 50m30n3 Good CTF... challenging, learned about new services, awesome

45 kowu Solid (and probably best Indian) CTF! Initial Infrastructure problems. Pwn was medium hard.

54 HacMao very nice ctf

55 n3m351d4

55 7ur7l3 Hard tasks but interesting as well

50 AsbjornOlling Not easy - many were hard to get a foothold on.

40 s0rc3r3r Interesting crypto challs, but quality degraded since HackIM 2019. Difficulty of crypto challs match that of a 40pt CTF.

55 fex0r hard ctf!

55 nosurf Nice comp :)

55 zavinator Zajebisty CTF

55 BlackWarriorXTN hard and strong ctf

55 Internaut401 awesome challs , thumbs up for zelda adventure

55 Hightech very awesome ctf with some tricky challenge. keep it up

55 @@@ pretty great ctf

25 dsc__ Cool CTF! Some (web) challs were guessy/unusual.

55 n3m351d4

20 terjanq tl;dr some areas to improve on; my opinion seems to be ultimately unpopular so full explanation:

55 brennords Nice (:

55 dayrell fun challs

55 M4t35Z Zelda challenges were awesome! :D

55 damjan Challenging and fun.

55 stackola We had a lot of fun with this CTF. Well organized and good challenges.

55 deadl0ck Very well organized, stable environment. New challenges poping up during the CTF. Levels were quite challenging.

55 MrEnigma nice ctf

55 avl Good CTF.

45 0x5444 Difficult challenges (which is not a bad thing), had infastructure issues at the beginning of the competition, and the organisers were very

55 RageKnify Interesting challenges

55 p0tr3c Very good CTF

55 fl3x3dd Interesting pwn chals

55 kilo Good CTF!

55 tzelyk

55 devploit Excellent CTF

55 FeDEX good pwns :+1:

55 pomo_mondreganto liked challenges

55 y12uN excellent CTF

55 0xkasper

55 vn-ki Very good and fun challs.

55 layton

55 aziz re is nice.

55 F055il215 :)

55 AdiPratama15 amusing eventhoug difficult CTF

55 wr3nchsr

55 owodelta Unusual webs, although pwn with firefox n-day was out of order

55 korami Very nice ctf

55 SwegOverlord Difficult but very very interesting