Voting ended at: Feb. 9, 2020, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 22.64 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 RaaCT0R good A&D. there should be more online A&D events.

25 d-we Great CTF :) Coud have had one or two more services. Looking forward for the next one!

25 ktwzk Thx for events like this, guys!

25 blackpearl Best CTF

25 amoniaka-knabino The best event to learn AD for newbies

25 nosurf Enjoyable and stable AD

18 gkanwar Very good AD training, solid challenges, would participate again!

25 KirillMSW Great A/D

25 Vindori the best A/D I’ve ever played

25 suslikcs Great!

23 Phase-0 Great practice ctf for those who are interested in Attack & Defense CTFs, Challenges were very interesting and were really good for beginner

25 __Krause__ BEST!

25 B1n4r9 Very interesting and fun

25 Capitan_Grach Cool training

25 Daniil159x Cool services

1 vos Not sure if trainings should be rated on CTFtime. CODEGATE quals has weight <17 :/

25 lucky_ducky lucky624 was here

25 lionaneesh This CTF was epic. I loved it. Even though I couldn't do much, I still enjoyed every second of it. Please host more of such events. Thanks!

25 roflanLUL Good CTF, nice tasks, thanks to organizers

25 markus Well-done A/D CTF, cool services, minor stability issues. Was fun!

25 yor That was a good one

25 KunGi nice CTF with stable network!

25 staccah_staccah Good A/D

23 0xd4127c3c Good AD ctf for beginners

1 n3m351d4 -

25 HenryRozenttag Good A/D training for newbies and profi

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

25 alb1or1x Cool place to learn and master A&D

25 7ur7l3 Interesting CTF, cool services

25 HackBrett Good CTF - Could have had one more service. Network was stable. Beginner friendly. Collacode was a bit annoying in the beginning due to it's