Voting ended at: May 3, 2020, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 22.12 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 yelenz beginner friendly

25 0xecho great one

25 dldygnl challenging crypto challenges

25 Mr.White0racle nice

25 _wh1t3r0se_ lol

25 D_K Fun but guessy

25 thenishkarshagarwal wanted it higher now!

25 Shant Houseplant CTF 2021 date?

20 skarface noice

25 NAT Nice challenges

20 drimacus Was pretty cool

25 Casparov Awesome CTF for both beginners and Intermediate/Experts alike!

25 TecatechAlpha Nice reversing challs, especially java tasks!

24 hackyeaster Nice challenges

25 GeorgeO Fun

25 H4MA nice

11 Yeboster We really loved this CTF. The themes were nice and also the challenges well made. Gj

25 mssassi ss

25 shellxploit Fun

25 abhay better than rtcp

1 r0ck3tz One of the worst ctfs i've tried. Guessing everywhere.

25 Sh4dow Great CTF - Perfect for beginners

15 h4ck7u5 nice but too much guessing and weird stuff

15 darkclos3r Only tried forensic, Good CTF experience

25 c4p74ln1r5 Good CTF

25 _k0imet Great

25 altareen Good CTF, geared more towards beginners and intermediate players.

25 Mugiw4r4 great ctf

25 c00p4rklynn quite nice

16 Akshay-Nagle .

25 keviin Minus 2 for forensics guess the tool. Otherwise a pretty good ctf.

15 dexion Fun CTF, but many mistakes in flags and tasks

25 Nexov good job :)

30 shellxploit Fun

25 ncryptedV1 awesome CTF for every skill level

25 chitkara.abhi Best

15 RLChibi was fun

25 TheBlueflame121 Enjoyed this one a lot

25 Roger_Skyline nice CTF, very creative.

25 yassinereptor nice

25 moraes cool ctf

25 Strellic fun, only a few challenging tasks, no pwn :(

25 nekaii Less guessing as promised, good crowd, had fun.

25 arkadeepd351 It was an awesome ctf for a beginner. I learnt a lot from this..

23 Bummie Solid!

15 TTH Some nice challenges, but unfortunately also a lot of weird/guessy ones...

25 wbooth thank you

25 Skad0sh This CTF was so cool, good job guys

25 Amun-Ra Really well managed and organized CTF! Hope to see next year too...

1 patryk4815 beginner level, guessing, don't need skills

25 null_pointer nice ctf, I liked web and reverse tasks so much

25 Quintec great problems with fun backgrounds

1 terjanq guess the solution competition, no skills involved

20 sauravchandra Good CTF. Challenges were fun to solve.

15 bigpick shoulda been called cyberchef ctf tbh; can have better chall descriptions vs basically just telling how to solve them on discord; pwn

25 patra Great CTF, web challs and pwn are not guessing, I guess people are very salty about it.

30 patra Great CTF

25 purple_racc00n Great beginner level CTF.

10 lionaneesh Good ctf but worth less points than 25.

25 Norealistic Great ctf

25 Ya_avtobus interesting tasks

25 JanKruse nice ctf, good infrastructure, rather beginner/intermediate oriented

25 Mr_M33533K5 Was fun

16 SgtSIGSEGV Fun and not too hard

25 bigbenjies Nice CTF. Very enjoyable!

25 ph1nx Nice CTF

25 hongwei123 Nice Challenges, nice CTF!

10 Akuma nice

10 datajerk good platform, guessing, pwn was not [bin] pwn, rev was source-included. with so many weak challenges, it was a grind for small teams

1 theKidOfArcrania beginner level , shouldn't have < 25 weight

25 xijix Well run and well balanced.

21 skarface okayish

30 D_K Fun but guessy

10 danyspin97 Too much guessing.

25 UnnaturalFirewall Very good ctf, challenges for people of all skill levels.

25 mleaph Team really enjoyed the CTF. Good spread of challs for beg/inter players. Creative and fun.

10 kokjo extreme guessing was necessary for most challenges. More of a bunch of trivia questions than an actual ctf. all pwn task was web no real pwn

25 mahaloz Solid beginner-intermediate ctf.

25 dewdrop Really fun challenges!

25 rohinb2 Great challenges well balanced

20 Fuiji_no_Hiroshima A well-rounded CTF, but with too many challs that could be better explored.

25 TheQuickBrownFox Great uwu

25 nhy Very nice, as usual ^^

25 Jord4563 ???

25 b4n4n4s really fun, I wish there was more PWN challenges

25 jyu An interesting ctf. Geared more towards novice competitors as quite a few probs (selfhost) were overthought by many experienced teams.

25 brainrecursion Good fun

30 Jord4563 It was a good ctf. :)

25 st0ic3r Had fun

25 ret2basic Nice CTF. crypto challenges were guessy, others are good.

25 mob0 Very funny, creative, great graphics and a great opportunity for learning new stuff!

25 ant5044 Loved the reverse engineering challlenges

25 chop0 Good CTF, but it was pretty guessy

30 chop0 not enough houseplants ngl

25 olivato Good forensics and misc challs

25 Scalpel Nice CTF

25 coreflood (y)

30 GeorgeO Very little guessing and wide range of dificulty.

25 ataysec nice ctf

25 mr.roboto Great CTF, challenges of all levels

20 h4ck7u5 nice one

25 tr4kj good one

1 ctftimeadmin dafuq

25 blinkingthing Great CTF. I found it challenging at my skill level without anything seeming impossible. Some challenges were more obvious than others.

25 0utWrest very nice

25 sorvast Nice

20 Masrt200 they always make the most fun-loving challenges

25 t0mcr8se nice overall, but a little bit guessy

25 kryptokilla Great CTF

25 c3p0xrt nice ctf.

25 hack-rohan nice ctf but reversing were a bit guessy

25 ThePPK Very nice CTF. One minus is high processor speed while decompressing archive.

25 drill_goes_brrr Arguably the best CTF I played in. Also the UI/UX was a thing of beauty

25 fr13nds0fcarl0s Awesome CTF for a pretty good range of skills starting at beginner. Some great challs

25 careless_finch One of the best CTFs I have ever played. Hats off to the organizers for this wonderful event.

25 jlxip Great challenges, some of them unique.

25 0x80O0oOverfl0w The SKATS challenge was cool and very unique, others were more or less a google exercise in finding specific stego tools.

25 peska funny! I really liked it

25 DaKeiser Appreciate the effort of admins, to make a nice ctf for beginners... with some nice challs...

25 TCPizza Loved it

3 unblvr Still too much guessing. Refused to handle a cheating team, despite conclusive evidence.

25 kekburger good fun.

25 dgzlopes Quite fun.

10 sorvast No pwn and pretty random stuff

25 dr_doofus had a great time!

25 streaker_rules Nice sets of challenges

30 chitkara.abhi Amazing CTF really loved it, All the admins were amazing too

1 ctftimeadmin Does this CTF have weight ? surprising !

25 fluffen Good beginner challenges

25 _gh0st_ Nice CTF with good challenges

22 shinmai Fun beginner-friendly CTF w/ cool admins. Not many challenging tasks, but a nice amount of variety. Lack of "real" RE was a bit sad.

23 shinmai Fun beginner-friendly CTF w/ cool admins. Not many challenging tasks, but a nice amount of variety. Lack of "real" RE was a bit sad.

25 pranavgade20 Mostly cool, some challenges were not really creative tho

25 Encomo Fun CTF

25 NilsIrl Nice ctf, there should have been more challenges though

25 mroizo Funny. Not so somplex.

25 __beowulf__ Awesome

25 m3ssap0 Nice CTF, some challenges were very creative.

30 gdpr.1594272766.53c0ab52be0d1b fun ctf, the admins are nice and helpful

25 gdpr.1607702248.c04766352a72e4 Awesome CTF

25 pedruti Fun ctf

20 Klecko good for beginners

13 _dodo_ nice but guessy

25 Freelanceh4ck3r That was great.

10 kriztw Ok beginner challenges, but too much guessing and too few technical insights

25 hashx7 Nice one to get motivation for beginners..

25 lior5654 G U E S S Y

25 gajrajgchouhan Most fun ctf

20 akashsuper2000 A very fun yet tough CTF. Hats off to the organizing team.

25 Al3x2 good

18 smcri Some challenges were challenging but some were extraordinarily easy

14 Kribas Fun ctf, not so easy for beginners

18 S7uXN37 Well balanced, but not very complex

3 disconnect3d Also the pwn chall was not isolated so other teams could delete flag from it. And the pwns wasn't really pwns but rather miscs.

3 disconnect3d This CTF shouldn't have a weight of 30. Many tasks were very basic and there was a lot of guessing.

25 rustyelectron houseplant ctf was a great ctf, much recommended.

25 A-Z A really nice CTF experience, I strongly recommend it!

25 crowded-geek Well organised CTF!

25 RealJammy great CTF+ great design+ great devs (especially willwam)

25 k0wa1ski Awesome CTF with unique theme, with good range of beginner and more advanced challenges, with some in between.

25 TheCodeYoda Very well organised ctf

25 nroot gg

25 Ethereal Very fun! I really liked JS Lotto and Catography ;)

25 n01e0 gg

25 Drakon Organizers were friendly and helpful, experience was fun and there weren't any particularly annoying problems with infrastructure. rip binex

25 Oden great ctf with actually achievable challenges for beginners

25 sebastianpc very fun

25 M4t35Z Awesome ctf as always! BUT we need more minecraft challs :D

25 penthium2 respect

12 meowmeowxw beginner ctf. crypto = guess the cipher, some good reversing and misc challs

25 Mystrite Great CTF for beginners with a wide range of interesting and unique challenges. Some challenges can be quite guessy at times.

25 lyellread Good problems ranging from easy to quite challenging. Very much enjoyed!

25 varandinawer

25 plasticuproject Very fun and challenging

30 yelenz good for beginners

21 naughtyboy191 Nice ctg

25 clash was fun, good experience, cute >> 1337

25 BADboy17 cool CTF

9 naughtyboy191 Awesome ctf

24 [deleted user] Really nice ctf I loved it :)

24 _wh1t3r0se_ ez pwn!

18 t3rmina1_i11n355 Was a well rounded ctf

25 diogoscf Excellent challenges

25 nosurf Tops :D

15 Pepe Had some good challs, but most of them were guessy.

25 woa to all the people saying it was guessing -- mad because bad

30 TecatechAlpha Nice reverse challenges, especially Java and Android!!

30 Mr.White0racle nice ctf

25 En1gma -5 for bad challenge bendy (reversing), you should fix earlier :(

25 apoirrier Really nice CTF, very creative. No pwn though

25 Hexer it was a cool with a lot of creative challenges, I appreciate the reduced guessing.

25 Van0Jan Cool CTF

3 haqpl _guess_ why

3 terjanq the score is: 25 ‒ hours_spent_on_guessing