Also known as
  • HackXore 337
  • 337 HackXore
  • هاكسور
  • 火车跑得快-全靠梅神带
  • \u0647\u0627\u0643\u0633\u0648\u0631
  • Eat, Pwn, No, Sleep
  • Eat-Pwn-No-Sleep
  • h2x
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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 831 with 7.654 pts in 2019

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
416BSidesSF 2019 CTF13.00000.112
32nullcon HackIM 20192364.00007.543

Overall rating place: 114 with 136.490 pts in 2018

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
21935C3 CTF45.00001.504
210HITCON CTF 2018150.00002.237 CTF 2018261.00003.892
96InCTF 2018150.00000.436
34DefCamp CTF Qualification 2018803.00005.956
59Trend Micro CTF 2018 - Raimund Genes Cup - Online Qualifier400.00001.493
85CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20182101.000011.723
35SEC-T CTF306.00004.030
56TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018994.000015.617
24WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 – Quals950.00008.702
64Meepwn CTF Quals 2018900.00002.555
76RCTF 2018809.00002.053
126DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2018515.00009.203
898PlaidCTF 20181.00000.119
228ASIS CTF Quals 201875.00000.945
64*CTF 2018470.00001.401
92HITB-XCTF GSEC CTF 2018 Quals578.00001.193
485Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 20181.00000.112
4Securinets CTF Quals 20186616.000026.983
171VolgaCTF 2018 Quals210.00001.764
28angstromCTF 20182615.000016.739
69N1CTF 2018770.00002.124
15Xiomara CTF 20181601.000014.197
181TAMUctf 182164.00008.352
98Harekaze CTF 2018340.00002.938
11nullcom HackIM 20182200.00008.916
12SharifCTF 82075.00002.896
7AceBear Security Contest 20185831.000016.057
306Insomni'hack teaser 201837.00000.628

Overall rating place: 40 with 224.073 pts in 2017

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
9034C3 CTF137.00002.799
19WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017811.00003.777
47SECCON 2017 Online CTF2700.000013.295
25CSAW CTF Final Round 20171001.00006.106
11DefCamp CTF Finals 20171068.00003.010
159School CTF 20170.00000.000
18HITCON CTF 2017 Quals3268.000044.435
26WhiteHat Challenge 0535.00000.000 CTF 20171737.000019.349
12Hack Dat Kiwi 20171425.000011.626
168Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017300.00000.956
32DefCamp CTF Qualification 2017679.00003.449
101Codefest CTF 2017370.00001.269
58EKOPARTY CTF 20171943.00008.867
12CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20174476.000019.193
15SEC-T CTF1910.000014.958
18ASIS CTF Finals 20171437.000013.542
43Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 2017818.000010.775
7WhiteHat Challenge 0485.00000.000
9HackIT CTF 20171860.000010.143
13HITB CTF Singapore 20173768.00009.024
23SHA2017 CTF2000.000011.106
3bugs_bunny ctf 2k174757.000026.569
18CTFZone 20171985.00004.793
10MeePwn CTF 1st 20172748.000010.352
14PoliCTF 20172025.000010.743
72Trend Micro CTF 2017 - Raimund Genes Cup - Online Qualifier700.00003.411
40Google Capture The Flag 2017 (Quals)1157.00005.112
10WhiteHat Contest 131550.00009.750
1Moroccan Cyber Security Camp 2017491.000050.000
77Codegate 2017 prequals355.00003.479

Overall rating place: 84 with 156.774 pts in 2016

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
39Hack The Vote 20161601.00007.140
312TUM CTF 201651.00000.315
72DefCamp CTF Qualification 2016300.00001.536
287H4ckIT CTF 2016 Online250.00000.805
54CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20162676.000013.009
192Hackcon 2016501.00002.354
20IceCTF 20163491.00000.000
45Trend Micro CTF 2016 Online Qualifier1000.00006.294
4Moroccan Cyber Security Camp 2016750.00000.000
78TU CTF 20161185.00005.095
61ASIS CTF Quals 2016429.00005.191
131Google Capture The Flag 2016805.00003.922
327Blaze CTF 2016420.00002.675
170PlaidCTF 2016276.00005.938
41Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 20161400.000016.733
5Securinets CTF Quals 20165040.000016.688
74Pwn2Win CTF 2016180.00001.967
158BCTF 2016160.00001.178
55Sunshine CTF 2016355.00001.023
1290CTF 2016 Quals1.00000.826
58Boston Key Party CTF 201627.000017.909
15SSCTF 2016 Quals3010.00005.978
68Internetwache CTF 20161770.00004.288
20Sharif University CTF 20163000.000020.008
1HackIM 20168600.000010.000
20Break In 2016470.00001.826
97Insomni'hack teaser 2016300.00004.077

Overall rating place: 215 with 49.543 pts in 2015

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
37432C3 CTF150.00001.616
131SECCON 2015 Online CTF1400.00006.871
2329447 Security Society CTF 2015177.00001.260
95Hack Dat Kiwi 2015620.00003.836
100RCTF 2015 Quals360.00002.237
91TUM CTF Teaser31.00000.671
67WhiteHat Grand Prix – Qualification Round 2015150.00000.786
82EKOPARTY CTF 2015740.00007.191 CTF 20151185.000012.041
28HITCON CTF 2015 Quals1101.000012.708
114Hackover CTF 2015246.00000.327

Team members

Team writeups

TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018pysandbox [121]read writeup
TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018Revolutional Secure Angou [154]read writeup
TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018Shrine [190]read writeup
TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018vimshell [126]read writeup
TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018dec dec dec [99]read writeup
WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 – Qualsre06 [100]read writeup
WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 – Qualsre01 [100]read writeup
WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 – QualsMisc 02 [100]read writeup
Meepwn CTF Quals 2018White Snow, Black Shadow [100]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Envy [150]read writeup
AceBear Security Contest 2018Tet shopping [919]read writeup
AceBear Security Contest 2018Url Parameter [100]read writeup
SECCON 2017 Online CTFSqlSRF [400]read writeup CTF 2017Indianer [200]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017SCV [100]read writeup
ASIS CTF Finals 2017Mrs. Hudson [54]read writeup
ASIS CTF Finals 2017Mary Morton [43]read writeup
HackIT CTF 2017pwn150 [150]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFBon Appétit [100]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Pwn300 [300]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Pwn200 [200]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Baby RSA [55]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Pwn150 [150]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Pwn100 [100]read writeup
MeePwn CTF 1st 2017missing_hash [550]read writeup
MeePwn CTF 1st 2017Simpler than RSA? [100]read writeup
CTFZone 2017Mr.Future President Blog [896]read writeup
PoliCTF 2017Status Box [120]read writeup
PoliCTF 2017Rock Solid Cryptography [33]read writeup
Security Fest 2017Ping [50]read writeup
WhiteHat Contest 13Ho Coc beach [100]read writeup
nullcon HackIM Exploitation Question 1 [200]read writeup
TU CTF 2016Reverse for the Holy Grail [350]read writeup
TU CTF 2016RE for 50 plz [50]read writeup
Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 2016Matryoshka Stage 3 [300]read writeup
Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 2016Matryoshka Stage 2 [100]read writeup
Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 2016Matryoshka Stage 1 [50]read writeup
SSCTF 2016 QualsRe1 [100]read writeup
Sharif University CTF 2016Kiuar [200]read writeup
Sharif University CTF 2016ECHO [200]read writeup
Sharif University CTF 2016SQL [150]read writeup
Sharif University CTF 2016Rail Fence Cipher [50]read writeup
Sharif University CTF 2016Dumped [100]read writeup
HackIM 2016Programming 3 [300]read writeup
HackIM 2016Programming 2 [300]read writeup
HackIM 2016Programming 1 [100]read writeup
HackIM 2016Crypto 1 [500]read writeup
HackIM 2016Crypto 2 [400]read writeup
HackIM 2016Crypto 5 [500]read writeup
HackIM 2016Crypto 4 [200]read writeup
Break In 2016Three Thieves Threw Trumpets Through Trees [100]read writeup
Insomni'hack teaser 2016smartcat1 [50]read writeup
32C3 CTFforth [150]read writeup
TUM CTF Teaserneocities [20]read writeup
TUM CTF TeaserSanity Check [1]read writeup
EKOPARTY CTF 2015Slogans [50]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2015 QualsFlag not Found [1]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2015 QualsPiranha Gun [50]read writeup