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The luxury variation has generated a new surge of popularity of vinyl flooring. It is still an affordable choice, while the quality has been improved even more. Using the right product like the best mop for Vinyl floor, you can keep using the same flooring for several years.

But narrowing down options on the market from different manufacturers and brand names can be confusing at times. Like many other industries, the flooring product scene has witnessed the consolidation of its businesses. There is now a smaller number of big companies instead of a broader range of manufacturers.

Brand ownerships and their sourcing, supplying, and manufacturing change constantly too. Products that were made by several independent manufacturers now may fall under one big brand.

This trend may result in disparities in how products of the same brand are produced. Sometimes, the name on the label only serves marketing purposes, and the floors come from different contractors. On the other hand, many brands can sell identical products when they source from the same supplier.

If you are shopping around for your new vinyl flooring, here are the top manufacturers you should check out. They have earned the trust of customers and experts by consistently making quality products.


Founded in 1915, this New Jersey-based manufacturer is one of the oldest players in the industry. Its main products are luxury plank, tile, and sheet vinyl.

While you can find luxury plank and tile products from other brands as well, Mannington also offers this variation in the form of sheet vinyl, making it a unique lineup.

Mannington sells plank and tile offerings under the Adura brand, which has more than 170 styles, including a wide variety of thicknesses and widths. You can even find planks as long as 72 inches.

Most of the tiles, available in 12x24 and 18x18 sizes, resemble the look of natural stones. Some can be installed easily with a click-lock function, while others require a full glue-down.


Armstrong is another established name with more than 150 years of history. Based in Pennsylvania, this manufacturer creates numerous residential luxury vinyl products. Its two brands, Vivero and LUXE, carry more than 100 types of tiles and planks.

Most luxury vinyl flooring from Armstrong provides a wood grain look, with only two tile products that mimic stone. They are all compatible with the best mop for Vinyl plank floors.


You might have heard of the Marmoleum brand before and it belongs to Forbo Flooring System. In addition to linoleum and vinyl products for residential use, this brand also produces luxury vinyl flooring.

These products fall under the Allura brand and are quite modest. Most of them (40 products) are wood-looking vinyl plank products that range from 40 to 60 inches. There are only 4 products that mimic stone.


Shaw makes luxury vinyl products under the brands LVT (stone-look vinyl) and LVP (wood-look vinyl). It has a humble beginning, starting as a small carpet business before becoming a major manufacturer of flooring products in the 1970s. Berkshire Hathaway bought this brand in 2001.

Each style of luxury vinyl plank comes with several color variations. Most have a length of 48 inches. This creates a stark contrast with stone-look products, which are only 16 inches long.

Burke Flooring

Though known mainly for its rubber flooring offerings, this is a brand you should not ignore when choosing luxury vinyl tiles. Burke maintains an impressive lineup, with 8 hand-scraped and 13 natural wood planks as well as 19 concrete- and stone-look tiles.

Burke's tile products usually have dimensions of 12x24 or 18x18 inches. Its planks usually have a length of 38 inches.


This 50-year-old brand is based in Florida and manufactures stone-look tiles and wood-look LVP products. By placing great emphasis on tiles mimicking natural stone, Cryntel stands out from the rest of the pack.

This unusual offering comes from the unique manufacturing process called Polystone. It can mix vinyl with a big amount of stone to make tiles that look just like ceramic and stone. You can even grout those vinyl tiles in the same manner as real ceramic or stone tiles.


Unlike other big names in the industry, Karndean is a newer and smaller manufacturer. However, it still earns a great reputation thanks to its high-quality luxury vinyl flooring - its sole line of products.

Karndean offers both stone-inspired and wood-inspired products. The catalog is amazingly diverse in spite of its small brand size. If you are looking for flooring products with a unique look, check out this brand and its vinyl options that mimic bamboo, cork, fabrics, and metals.


Metroflor has a long history of operation, but in its first years, this brand wasn't seen as a luxury vinyl specialist like it is today. In fact, the firm started as a distributor of building materials in the 1920s.

But shortly after, Metrofloor made successful attempts to break into luxury vinyl products. It has put serious effort into development and has created advanced technologies like Grip-Strip. This method enables faster installation without making use of adhesives or interlocking seams. Metroflor is a unique manufacturer of luxury vinyl products with both tile and plank variations.


Mohawk is a well-known brand of carpeting but its flooring offerings of other types are also worth checking out.

The company owns several big flooring brands such as Karastand, American Olean, and Pergo. Despite this strong position in the larger market, Mohawk is still considered a small name in the vinyl flooring industry.

The company makes its luxury vinyl flooring under the SolidTech brand. Most mimic the look of natural wood, and there are also a dozen stone-look versions. Mohawk uses a special tongue-and-groove system called Uniclic for installation, while some glue-down products are available too.


This Georgie-based company was founded in the 21st century. From an importer of eco-friendly flooring products, USFloors has opened its own plants in China and America to make luxury vinyl flooring, FSC-certified hardwood, bamboo, and cork products.


If you have trouble picking great vinyl flooring products, the brands above are a great starting place. They make high-quality products with an extensive variety of colors, dimensions, and patterns. Also, remember to check this guide if you want to learn more about their maintenance.

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