Natural wrinkles, which occur in almost every human being from the age of 30, can be visibly reduced by a Botox treatment. The treated skin has proven to be more relaxed and thus also more relaxed. First successes are soon after the treatment: around two days after the injection, the treated areas are visibly smoother seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment. In a professional treatment, the expression of the face of the treated remains nevertheless very natural. Through the worldwide use of the agent meanwhile good results in the facial area are achieved. Specifically, Botox is used for the eyes, nose and forehead. Botox can also be used at the neckline or neck.

Botox treatment - Benefits:

Visible wrinkle treatment
more relaxed skin
more relaxed appearance
smoother skin
Erwiese, good results
worldwide use
Use on the eyes, nose and forehead
Neck or Docollete also possible
reversible effect

Disadvantages of a Botox treatment

Only professional physicians can be trusted, since treatment requires a good knowledge and experience of human (facial) musculature. Thus in Germany only trained doctors are authorized Botox to inject. Caution is advised abroad. This is because of unprofessionalism more often Botox side effects. The face may be dead or masked if too much Botulinum was injected home remedies for seborrheic keratosis. There is usually mild pain during treatment. However, they do not stay long and do not work. Small bruises can still be visible one or two days after treatment. In severe cases, there may be hump waves. Some people may react to the injected agent with skin intolerance such as severe itching, rash or allergies. Facial parts can be slightly paralyzed after injection.

This paralysis on the face as well as the effect of Botox can last up to six months. Do not take Botox if you are breast-feeding or pregnant. People with severe (muscular) diseases should not be given any botox injections. There are cases of so-called botox disease. This is not an addiction to the middle botulium but rather to the regular seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment, smooth appearance of the skin after the treatment. Then follow the regular treatment, which can stress the skin. The Botox costs are still under treatment for a treatment, but it will be expensive for repeated treatments. To save Botox prices can be compared, but it must be made sure that Botulium is injected only by experienced doctors in the country.

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