In our free eBook we describe 10 exceptional tips on how to improve your skin tone. The best thing is to download the eBook directly and give your skin something good. Simply enter the newsletter and you will get the eBook free of charge natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis: register here In addition, you can also try a "Botox for application". This is a cream that is superficially applied to the skin areas. No need for syringes, doctor visits and high costs: many of us know the familiar problem with the increasing age: wrinkles! We look into the mirror and not only see one or other gray hair immediately, but also small furrows in the skin.

In large panic, most of them are then rushed to various skin care products and so-called anti-aging creams. Finally, the good mode of action in the advertising in magazines, on television or on the Internet is presented convincingly. But do these products really help? Can not wrinkles also be alleviated in other ways? What can we do so that wrinkles do not develop very strongly? Here we show the most common causes of wrinkles but also treatment options!

Natural causes of wrinkles

It is quite natural that the body of man ages. With the higher life, the ability of the body to regenerate itself rapidly decreases strongly. This also applies to the skin to the same extent. More specifically natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, the division of the cells in the organism is slowed down. Our inheritance already determines how fast the body and thus the skin aging occurs.

In a young body new cells are formed again and again in the cycle of four weeks. These arise in the lower skin layer, the so-called dermis and then move gradually to the skin surface. Medically, it is the epidermis. Finally, the oldest coat of skin falls in the form of shavings from the surface.

In elderly people, the skin rejuvenation takes twice as long. This leads to a more dry skin, which is much less elastic and leads to itching on the surface. In addition, the number of structures that additionally harm the regeneration increases is there a cure for seborrheic dermatitis. A premature aging of the skin can also be associated with the decreasing effect of corresponding hormones in the body.

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