Rating: 5.0


This is a writeup that dives deep into TCP, RST packets and sequence numbers and shows how to terminate a TCP connection between two parties by injecting spoofed packets into the TCP communication from a third machine that has some side channel access to one of the other machines.

Moreover in the appendix section it shows what is happening "on the wire" while we exploit this. Also you can see it is a pretty lengthy post - this is because I really liked playing with TCP and scapy to make the magic happen.


Writeup: [https://github.com/ateamjkr/posts/blob/master/ctf/starctf-oh-my-socket-solution.md](https://github.com/ateamjkr/posts/blob/master/ctf/starctf-oh-my-socket-solution.md)

Solution: [https://github.com/ateamjkr/posts/blob/master/ctf/starctf-oh-my-socket-solution.py](https://github.com/ateamjkr/posts/blob/master/ctf/starctf-oh-my-socket-solution.py)

Original writeup (https://github.com/ateamjkr/posts/blob/master/ctf/starctf-oh-my-socket-solution.md).