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[Link to original writeup](https://wrecktheline.com/writeups/m0lecon-2021/#proof_of_work)

# Proof-of-Work (264 solves, 57 points)
by JaGoTu

In this challenge you simply need to solve a proof-of-work. The proof-of-work will be the same for most of the challenges, so we provide you with a template in Python to solve it. Simply run it to get this flag.

This solver is not the fastest possible, so you can write your own, but you won't receive any support on it.

You can solve the challenge manually at:
nc challs.m0lecon.it 1337

Happy Hacking!

We get a `pow_template.py` file. We run it.

$ python3 pow_template.py
[+] Opening connection to challs.m0lecon.it on port 1337: Done
Solving PoW...
[*] Switching to interactive mode
[*] Got EOF while reading in interactive

Original writeup (https://wrecktheline.com/writeups/m0lecon-2021/#proof_of_work).