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WhiteHat Challenge is a CTF contest held periodically by for beginners in learning or researching cybersecurity as system admins, students in technical schools, etc. It is to encourage the cybersecurity learning and researching, everyone can join, but only Vietnam teams receive awards. Teams have the chance to enroll in WhiteHat CTF Ranking.
WhiteHat CTF Ranking ranks teams in WhiteHat Challenge, WhiteHat Contest and WhiteHat Grand Prix with score top-down by year. WhiteHat Contest and WhiteHat Grand Prix are competitions for cybersecurity experts. The former is held twice a year, the latter is held periodically at the end of the year with grand prize. is the leading forum in Vietnam, where cybersecurity community exchanges expertise, ethics and law-related issues. It is a favorable environment to promote the learning and researching of cybersecurity lovers to follow the right path and become whitehat hackers, creating a community with high availability in troubleshooting incidents.

CTF events

WhiteHat Challenge 050.00
WhiteHat Challenge 040.00
WhiteHat Challenge 030.00
WhiteHat Challenge 020.00
WhiteHat Challenge 010.00
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