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Blizzard Entertainment Presents: Hack The Nexus CTF
On November 5th, 2017, Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting a one day onsite Capture The Flag (CTF) competition in Santa Ana, California. During the CTF, contestants will be solving different security challenges and puzzles ranging anywhere from forensics to exploitation. Prizes will be rewarded for the top three teams with the most points and also awarded for those teams that solve the hardest challenges. Full list of rules coming soon.

The CTF will be an onsite full day event and is free to participants. Team sizes will be between 3 - 4 members and signup must be completed with your whole team's information. Only one registration is required per team. More details can be found at:

Why is Blizzard Entertainment having a Security CTF Event
Just like our passion for games, we love everything security. We wanted to create an event that would bring our local and global security communities closer together. What better way than to grab some drinks, hack on some challenges, and have fun!

Official Event Rules:

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