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In modern times the Internet is the vital of our society, which inevitably brings about cyber crimes, increasing in number and quantity. In late years the importance of information security is getting recognized with reports on an attack toward a specific organization or the rapid prevalence of IoT devices, but when it comes to highly-sophisticated invasion, few people understand the way of causing and consequently guarding against it.
To deal with this problem, many overseas security conferences try organizing CTF to extend the knowledge and understanding of state-of-the-art attack techniques and countermeasures.
However, none of International conference in Japan has ever had this trial although some Japanese people have held CTFs up to now. From 2017, we CODE BLUE decided to establish our own CTF powered by top Japanese CTF players, with the aim of improving the situation.
On the other hand, CODE BLUE CTF is also the project which binja and TokyoWesterns, the host of this CTF launched in order to purely pursue what is "Exciting CTF". They believe people should not forget the appealing and enjoyable aspects of CTF despite the fact that CTF is for the purpose of research and the development of ability. Through this CTF, they hope to give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of advanced subjects while having fun with a number of challenging and interesting problems.

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CTF events

CODE BLUE CTF 201917.50
CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Finals17.50
CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Quals25.00
CODE BLUE CTF 201724.74
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