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WCTF 2018 is organized by 360 Vulcan Team and exclusively sponsored by Qihoo 360. Top three teams will be awarded with 1,500 USD, 1,000 USD and 500 USD, respectively. The top 1 team will also receive a five-person full-access pass to next year’s WCTF on-site contest and they will have an opportunity to compete for a total bonus of 100,000 USD in the on-site contest. Besides of the attractive prizes, the quality of our challenges is beyond price. All challenges are submitted by top CTF teams who were invited to Onsite WCTF and includes all types of CTF challenges, for instance, Reverse, Pwn, Forensics, Crypto and Web. WCTF 2018 Online will last only 2 days and the final score will be based on how many challenges teams have solved. For more information, please visit our official website.

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