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SOC Battle is a CTF (Capture the Flag) competition which is organizing by Prisma CSI, Binalyze and Picus Security, and prepared for the SOC teams all over the world. It is completely free to join. Purpose of the competition is taking SOC teams to higher levels and give them a chance to compare themselves with the other SOC teams on all over the world through scenario based questions. Only defence based questions will be included in the competition. Cyber security incidents, breaches and malwares that SOC teams can face in the real world will be turned into questions by the CTF team. QUESTION CATEGORIES FORENSICS THREAT INTELLIGENCE OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE MALWARE ANALYSIS INCIDENT RESPONSE CRYPTOLOGY LOG MANAGEMENT In each round, questions from the categories mentioned above will be prepared and given competitors to solve. The scores of the competition and rounds will be kept seperately. The team which reaches the highest point in total will be the winner of the competition.

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