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Power of XX is a hacking contest CTF for WOMEN Only. It is held as an event at hacking & security conference POC ( since 2011. It's a CTF event where women who interested in hacking and security gathered, share knowledge, and showcase their skills.

Power of XX is an entry-level CTF, designed for women novices. As you know, usual CTFs consist of problems that are way too difficult for novices. And there are very few women in information security area. So, it's too hard for women to stand out. This makes women discourage from studying hacking skill more. Power of XX is born in order to help this situation. Ah! Did you notice? XX are chromosomes of women. Participate with "Men" is strictly prohibited.

Power of XX will feature problems from various subjects, including hacking such as web and system attacks, programming (like ACM), quiz on IT knowledge, and algorithm. With Power of XX, we hope many world-wide women to have interests in security and show their power.

- Organizers

Power of XX is hosted by SISS (Sookmyung Information Security Study) and Hackerschool in Korea.

SISS is an information security club under Computer Science department in Sookmyung Women's University ( It founded in 2001, approximately 30 undergraduates students. They study from undergraduate-level programming to network, system hacking, binary, etc.

Hackerschool ( is the best well-known security community and research crew in Korea. They offer free on-line hacking and security education for students by wellmade cartoons! They emphasized the importance of ethical attitude. Hackerschool is a real hackers crew!

CTF events

Power of XX 20150.00
Power of XX 20120.00
Power of XX 20110.00