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TG:HACK is a beginner friendly jeopardy style CTF. It is both onsite and online, as well as a wargame. Our focus is making guiding tasks for beginners, and challenging tasks for the experienced ones. We upload the highscore list of the online teams to CTFtime.

Every easter, The Gathering ( hosts a three day CTF in the Viking ship ( in Hamar. This is a global competition. However, it is required to have a valid ticket for the event to win prizes. Also, solving a few tasks (e.g. lockpicking and hardware) require participants to be onsite, so you should try to join us in the Viking ship next easter!

The rest of the year, the tasks are open as a wargame. You may log in and solve tasks all year to improve your CTF skills!

Writeups are published at after each competition.

(All onsite activities are cancelled due to COVID-19. Online competition still going!)

CTF events

TG:HACK 202024.61
TG:Hack 20190.00
TG:Hack -delete me-0.00
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