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What: Jeopardy style CTF hacking competition
When: April 12th & 13th 2018
Where: On site at HITB2018AMS @ NH Krasnapolsky
Who: Max of 24 teams with up to 3 players / team

1st Place – USD1500
2nd Place – USD1000
3rd Place – USD500
The 1st place team will also be flown in to HITB GSEC Singapore (August 30th / 31st), to compete in an on-site Attack & Defense Style CTF.

CTF events

HITB CTF Amstedam 20190.00
HITB CTF Amstedam 20180.00
HITB CTF Singapore 20170.00
HITB CTF Amsterdam 20170.00
HITB CTF Amsterdam 201620.00
HITB CTF Amsterdam 201520.00
HITB CTF Amsterdam 201440.00
HITB CTF Amsterdam 201330.00
HITB CTF Amsterdam 201240.00
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