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Affinity CTF contest is a side project for conference Affinity Akamai Tech Talks conducted in Krakow Poland and organized by Akamai. It consists of a set of IT/security/computer/digital related challenges. The whole event consists of two rounds: Qualifications and The Finals. Qualifications round is a worldwide event with no limit on the number of teams and no limit on the number of participants per team. The final round will consist of an on-site contest (during the conference), where selected teams will compete to solve an additional set of challenges.

Akamai Technologies Poland

Event format:
Quals: Jeopardy, Online
Finals: Jeopardy, Onsite, Poland Krakow

CTF events

Affinity CTF 2019 - Finals0.00
Affinity CTF 2019 - Quals18.35
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