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NorthSec is the world's biggest on-site CTF, opposes 75 teams of 8 people trying to obtain the most points by capturing flags during an intense 48 hour-long competition (Fri-Sun).

The challenges typically cover a wide range of security fields (web hacking, networking, binary reverse engineering, data forensics, hardware & IoT hacking, etc.) but also physical security (lockpicking, impressionning, social engineering, etc.) and are available for every team on their own private contest network consisting of a simulated IPv6 only Internet running with more than 250 BGP routers, with challenges exposed on top, in a "Hack quest/scenario" type (it is not a red/blue type of CTF).

CTF events

NorthSec 20230.00
NorthSec 202236.00
NorthSec 202124.00
NorthSec 202021.88
NorthSec 201921.88
NorthSec 20180.00
NorthSec 20160.00
NorthSec 20150.00
NorthSec 201430.00
NorthSec CTF 201340.00
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