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Organized by @Vidar, @CNSS, @L-Team, the 1st D^3CTF is coming!

Our teams have hosted the HCTF and LCTF for years, and in 2019 we decided to co-host this brand new CTF game, D^3CTF.

D^3 means "the cube of Dian", i.e., the cube of "electronic" in Chinese. As the three teams co-hosting this CTF game come from three "University of Electronic" in China (UESTC, Xidian, HDU).

Have fun!

CTF events

D^3CTF 202439.40
D^3CTF 202328.00
D^3CTF 202222.50
D^3CTF 202122.50
D^3CTF 20190.00
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