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It’s time for another Metasploit community CTF! We're back on our usual end-of-year schedule this time around, and we’re doing a few things differently. Past CTFs have featured a wide range of challenges across different architectures, difficulty levels, and targets. This year, we wanted to make the CTF beginner-friendly—so we developed a more focused game with a single Linux target, prizes for more teams, and a variety of easy and medium challenges that aim to help infosec newcomers build practical skills. As always, teams are encouraged, and once again we’ll have no cap on the number of players who can join a team. Read on for full competition details, and join the #metasploit-ctf channel on Slack ( to start building your team.

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2020 December Metasploit community CTF23.94
2020 Metasploit community CTF0.00
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