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Moroccan Cyber Security Camp (MCSC) is an annual event full of various activities like conferences and the workshops guided by professional people and experts in the cuber security field . The CTF lasts a whole night and has a friendly aspect. Participants divided to groups of three, work together on various tests of growing difficulty to discover the flaws and vulnerabilities in an IT system which is developed for this special occasion, then come up with a program that will eventually close those security breaches, correct these weaknesses and make the system stronger and safe from any other threats. The challenge covers every corner of the information security field: application vulnerabilities, network and Web weaknesses, physical vulnerabilities, flaws in systems, etc. In the end, an intelligent and smart system will count each team’s score, and winners will eventually get remarkable prizes.

CTF events

Moroccan Cyber Security Camp 20220.00
MCSC CTF 20210.00
Moroccan Cyber Security Camp 20200.00