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If you enjoyed the VirSecCon CTF, NahamCon CTF, or H@cktivityCon CTF, the developers are back in action bringing a new Capture the Flag competition in coordination with the BsidesBoston virtual conference!

Event registration is now open and available.

Register here:


September 26th, 9:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST
8-Hour Competition

We are pleased to offer prizes to the winners of BsidesBOS CTF that are registered for the BsidesBOS virtual conference!

1st Place - 1 Year of HackTheBox Pro Labs access
2nd Place - 6 months of HackTheBox Pro Labs access
3rd Place - 3 months of HackTheBox Pro Labs access

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CTF events

BsidesBOS CTF0.00
HacktivityCon CTF21.78
NahamCon CTF23.56
VirSecCon CTF22.72
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