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The CTF will be managed by HackTheBox ( and this year will not be on site!

We opted for an ONLINE CTF on Saturday 26th of September from 9AM to 9PM CEST, the day before the conference, in order to permit to players that will join the conference to enjoy it.

CTF rules will be shared with the teams at least one week in advance but we can share some info:

- one Machine and a mix of easy, medium, hard and insane Challenges of a variety of content Jeopardy Style (web, pwn, crypto, Forensics, HW, reversing, etc)
- max 5 Players Per Team
- 1st Team: 5 x 3 Months ProLab of Choice | 2nd Team: 5 x 1 Month ProLab of Choice | 3rd Team: 5 x 6 Months VIP

NOTE: All the required information to participate will be provided only to the Team Leader e-mail address.
NOTE2: there is a limited number of team's slots available

Drop an email to

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RomHack CTF 202025.00
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