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VolgaCTF is an international inter-university cybersecurity competition organised by a group of IT enthusiasts based in Samara, Russia.

The competition consists of 2 rounds: Qualifier, which is held online, and Final, which takes place in Samara, Russia.

CTF events

VolgaCTF 2023 Final100.00
VolgaCTF 2022 Final56.44
VolgaCTF 2021 Final37.50
VolgaCTF 2020 Final41.50
VolgaCTF 2019 Final22.00
VolgaCTF 2018 Final10.00
VolgaCTF 2017 Finals10.00
VolgaCTF 2016 Finals10.00
VolgaCTF 2015 Finals0.00
VolgaCTF 2014 Finals10.00
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