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International online challenge in information security. Good choice to start playing A/D, because we're providing vulnbox in our cloud, so you don't need to be an administrator. Also good choice for pros — you will battle with teams from all over the world! From Yekaterinburg with <3

CTF events

RuCTFE 202082.02
RuCTFE 201975.21
RuCTFE 201872.00
RuCTFE 201776.13
RuCTFE 201676.13
RuCTFE 201560.00
RuCTFE 201470.00
RuCTFE 201370.00
RuCTFE 201270.00
RuCTFE 201170.00
RuCTFE 20100.00
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