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JerseyCTF is a beginner-friendly Capture the Flag competition that aims to inspire interest in cybersecurity. Hosted by the NJIT ACM and NICC organizations and the NJIT SCI program, it is geared towards students, beginners, and professionals alike. JerseyCTF provides participants with jeopardy-style questions in categories including cryptography, forensics, binary exploitation/reversing, open-source intelligence, and web exploitation. JerseyCTF features a track parallel to the CTF competition, consisting of presentations and panels with renowned speakers from industry and government. Past sponsors include NJCCIC, FRSecure, Google, CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, Lutron, KnowBe4, SpecterOps, DigitalOcean, SecurityInnovation, and Contrast Security.

CTF events

JerseyCTF III25.00
JerseyCTF II25.00
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