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The first Mozilla CTF was held on January 25, 2012, and ran for 24 hours. Despite some technical glitches, the event was very successful with over 150 teams registered.


Our CTF will be challenge based. We will present you tasks that are mostly independent from each other and can be solved separately. Topics will vary from Exploitation, Cracking, Crypto, Web Security (among others). The game will be limited to one day (i.e. 24 hours) and the team with the most points is announced the winner. Good examples for a CTF like this can be found here (Cheers to FluxFingers! :))


  • Solving a challenge worth X points will give you X points. If you're the first to solve it, you'll get a reward of 3 points. Second gets 2, third gets 1 bonus point.

  • No DoS

  • No automated Scans (there will be a penalty for that)

  • Do not generate large amounts of traffic

  • No destructive attacks (don't delete stuff)

  • Please confine your hacking on the tasks that are explicitly free to hack

  • If you find a cheat or trick to solve things more easily, please report it for Bonus Points

  • The organizers might change the rules throughout the challenge. This will be announced on IRC

  • Teams breaking these rules might be penalized or excluded from the competition

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