Voting ended at: Aug. 2, 2020, 10 a.m.

Weight after voting: 33.32 / 36.135

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


36 Nowne good

21 koldyn2193 too hard reverse

36 roerohan Nice!

20 sf_t4ng0 Great job. Thanks

36 outOfCheese nice one

32 Fa2y Great tasks, I think we needed more time

36 korniltsev super-puper

36 AngusRed Brain Fuck

36 javiNotFound Great CTF

36 InersIn cool, but it's hard

36 IradNuriel very interesting ctf, but most of the challenges had too many unintended solutions...

33 donjar great tasks, great infra, great orgs. some are unfortunate (the Tele bot + Too Secure comes to mind) but otherwise really enjoyed it

36 danielep Cool but hard

36 codeskill Excellent!!!

36 r3yc0n1c Cool challenges even for beginners.

36 sunny.capt nice tasks, awesome board

36 cernec1999 The challenges were difficult, but there were still some easy challenges.

36 evgfilim1 Well balanced, I like this CTF

35 ptr-yudai good tasks, stable server

35 streaker_rules GG

30 abcdsh OK

36 aidoo20 Challenging but simple tasks were also great for beginners

36 F055il215 :)

36 pysu nice

36 thebongy Fun challenges, great CTF

36 En1gma nice rev !!!

36 augustovich cool tasks

36 iqno hard but rewarding challanges

36 0xTrinity_Zer0 Great event,,

36 Bin4ryGh0st Nice Challs

32 iman4000 nice

28 shagrath a little bit of ycycybrics

30 augustovich cool tasks, but inogda ycycyga/zajebisty

36 h3llh0und Nica challs

32 J33735H pretty good.

36 1GN1tE Good one even for beginners

36 wongyos good

36 Max_Tr bolno, slojno, za3bsti ctf

36 fl3x3dd Nice chals

36 candcry_ 10fb/10

36 vvxhid nice one

35 remon535 interesting

36 madrat Nice challenges

26 gr33nm0nk2802 Good CTF hope to get some good writeups

17 TheF1ash Good beginner challenges.

36 shok taski horishie, odobryaem

17 JaysesS Good tasks!

25 null_pointer interesting tasks

36 umfc v obshem bylo horosho

14 X3eRo0 Super fun

36 Lip4ik Best game

36 keltecc hard and innovative challenges