Voting ended at: May 30, 2020, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.55 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 pysu nice ctf

20 careless_finch pretty good

25 crowded-geek nice challs

25 0xecho cool ctf,

20 l3333t innovative and fun challenges

23 f4r4w4y nice challs

25 ret2basic Challenging

25 Mugiw4r4 great ctf

22 layka_ Good for intermediate.

25 kociamber Very nice ctf, good job! One downside which we have noticed: in some cases hints were just clarifications for given challenge.

25 CaptainFreak GG

25 coreflood gr8

25 chop0 epic

25 fsociety

25 slopey nice

25 danielep good

24 log13 good ctf

25 gajrajgchouhan Nice CTF

25 realsung good

25 realsung good

25 dizvyagintsev Skygenerator was one of the most interesting CTF tasks in my life

25 lionaneesh really good ctf amazing questions. Deserves more than 25

25 psychoman nice and new type of quections

25 1412 Good ctf

25 [deleted user] good ctf

24 shou some rev and misc are too guessy : (

16 psychoman nice and new type of quections

25 FeDEX V nice pwns. The scoreboard was buggy.

25 Akuma nice ctf

25 intx4 Very cool challs

25 FraLasa98 good challenges

25 Capo80 Good challenges, some were really hard

25 smaury nice challenges

25 Goten we lamerz

25 zavinator Hard CTF, nice challs

25 pepsipu pwn good

25 dshynkev very cool challenges

25 ypl Interesting PWN challenges!

25 Borgi good challenges.

25 keltecc good challenges, but please prepare descriptions more carefully, many tasks required additional clarification

25 alissonb Nothing to complain, good infra, challenges very well designed, reasonable difficulty.