Voting ends at: July 6, 2020, 2 a.m.

Current weight: 91.44 / 100.0

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.

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75 t_r3x Too many browser pwn challenges. Everything else was good.

100 Xploit challenges...

50 terjanq Too many pwns. Webs were broken with unintended solutions, solved an xss chall by redirecting a bot to an external website with alert(1)..

100 Isopach Learnt a lot, wish there was less php in 2020 though

100 theKidOfArcrania Awesome!

100 gnx Nice!

10 aryanc403 Beginner. Didnt enjoyed much.

97 kylebot I enjoyed a lot. But it will be better if there are more variety in pwn. for example, a kernel challenge, a qemu escape. Already good though

97 Mem2019 The challenges are very good but pwn challenges are a little bit unbalanced (e.g. too much js pwn)

100 defund insane

100 AngusRed Hardcore!

95 SIGBUS_DRIVER i liked browser atmosphere, but chakracore Tianfu cup bug is too much..

85 vos Great CTF. As many as five tasks about modified chromium/js engines pwn is kinda imbalanced towards those who are familiar

75 hellman Nice cryptos, except sham and gene were weird. Too much pwn (almost same score as other categories together).

100 jack4818 Very hard and satisfying challenges.

100 iman4000 very hard challenges!

100 keltecc very hard, impressive challenges

100 sampriti Too hard, amazing

100 hyperreality Brilliantly designed, brutal challenges.