Voting ended at: April 11, 2020, 11:30 p.m.

Weight after voting: 22.79 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


16 skarface na

20 ideaengine007 A good CTF for fresh folks and the experienced ones too.

25 p4w fun

13 smaury Nice, but easy challs. An already solved chall was removed during the competition.

25 shiv_ka_ansh nice

25 agayev169 Quality CTF. Quality challenges. A lot of fun.

25 VietSec good

10 M0nk3y fun

25 Mugiw4r4 Great CTF

25 roflanLUL Nice

25 http.deep The CTF was super awesome! Kudos to JohnHammond

22 securisecctf fun

25 bottaflokka Really enjoyed it!

25 FeDEX fun CTF

25 Louzogh Very great CTF !!

25 jammy

1 SentinelPrime7 They removed solved challs!

2 dp1 The competition was relatively nice with simple challenges, but it was totally unfair to remove challenges that people had already solved

25 Tanked402 First time ctf event. It was awesome

25 nbravo great ctf

23 M4t35Z Noiceee

25 SiteQ8 nice ctf

25 0dinshell nice ctf :)

25 h4k1mb3y Very nice CTF, really fun.

25 silverfuck Nice challs

25 Navprak Very good CTF!

25 Shirajuki Fun!

25 Mataya Really nice CTF, a lot of challenge and very good support, thanks for all!

25 stackola Fun CTF, easily deserves 25. Next time maybe trade some quantity for more depth

25 member_of_team_m Stable infrastructure. Interesting challenges

25 warlock_rootx The event is really nice, challenge are good but idk why he put the previous year challenge to this year?he forget he is legend

25 F055il215 :)

25 tzelyk awesome ctf

25 Infin A lot of interesting tasks

25 _k0imet great

25 optional great event

25 streaker_rules Nice set of challenges


25 H4MA nice

25 gajrajgchouhan awesome

25 Akinari Nice

25 t0x1c2r00t

25 BlackWarriorXTN had fun playing and love to see more from john!

25 SemahBA good

1 lionaneesh decent ctf. But not worth 25 points.

1 cristian-richie Unfair competition, never seen challenges removed before

25 h4tt0r1 Amazing ctf, for the next time try to include reversing challenges

25 Ahaupt3 Great learning experience

25 shiv_ka_ansh Great CTF with good challenges

25 jammy

25 galoget Awesome challenges, very entertaining CTF, I had a lot of fun solving them.

25 5kyN3T nice challs

25 Freelanceh4ck3r Very enjoyable CTF with great challenges!

25 Xh4H awesome set of challs

25 f4d3 Very nice/funny to play ctf, thanks for hosting it !

25 hoefler02 Fun beginner CTF with a few reused challenges

25 knaniala Nice ctf for begginers

25 nytr0gen me and my team had a lot of fun playing this ctf

25 -Bin nice

25 Yud good ctf, but have old challenges