Voting ended at: Aug. 30, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 99.22 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 R0dr1g0EXG4CHA Hard

100 CaptainFreak Good Webs

100 deNableD awesome CTF with great challenges

100 t_r3x Great CTF :)

100 lionaneesh great ctf I couldn't do much but enjoyed and learned.

100 luker983 Difficult, but many clever and rewarding puzzles.

100 Bin4ryGh0st Great

100 streaker_rules Great Challenges

100 doxavg Hard, but enjoyable chals

100 4n0nym4u5 nothing to say its google ctf :)

100 kerz Nice challs.

100 robotsquid good quality ctf

100 or523 Best CTF

99 officialaimm loved the web challenges. My only issue is I prefer discord over IRC.

100 mystiz The challenges are fine, except that the beginner challenges scares away the beginners from my team :(

100 0xd13a Great

100 oranav Very well organized; great challenges with a wide range of diversity; more than enough material for 48h.

100 0x3C3E fun

100 joshdabosh eeeee

100 mleaph Stable. Challenging. Fun. Educational. Not solo player friendly.

100 DMaxter Very challenging

100 mfornet Great CTF for beginners!

100 defund huh

95 shinmai Obviously more robust infra than 99% of CtFs. Good challenges, with one sort of "gimmie" easy one in each category.

100 Dunkat challenging, very difficult, and astonishingly unique challenges

100 gnx Nice!

80 umfc norm no mozhno bylo i poluchshe

80 umfc norm no mizhno bylo i poluchshe

100 Dfyz Tough but awesome

100 hongwei123 Challenging CTF

100 willwam845 Challenging, fun, and really interesting challenges!

100 killerdog very challenging, but a nice difficulty gradient from medium hard to very hard

100 zavinator Very difficult

100 feignix good quality chals

100 cpu Nice reversing challenges!

100 keltecc nice board design, awesome challenges

100 s-3ntinel very challenging and interesting challenges

100 En1gma nice CTF,nice experiment,nice rev

100 sampriti W

100 cts Good challenges, pretty difficult.

100 hyperreality very hard