Voting ended at: July 25, 2020, 10 p.m.

Weight after voting: 44.33 / 49.50

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


49 wongyos Good

49 mvs You learned your lesson about IPV6, I hope you learn the same lesson about unicode. Don't use that sh*t

45 HackBrett Good CTF, rating should be higher, but I cant give full points, because of table reservation. Too simple + fix came pretty late

49 szymex73 Fun challenges and provided VMs :D

40 abcdsh Great CTF, Beginner friendly Infra and challs, -10 for table-reservation.

20 umfc Adding vulnerability after initial vulnbox expose (+hiding commit) and making 8 late teams vulnerable while others don't - was kinda stupid.

49 datajerk Well executed. Great support. No need to BYO VM.

49 suppapan gg

49 F30 Good job

49 R3x Good set of challenges, No downtime - Fun!