Voting ended at: June 29, 2020, 6:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 15.26 / 29.565

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


29 The_Crazyman NICE

26 echobash Some questions were really really good. But we definitely had problem with infra. But overall it has great.

29 Mr.Happy Please provide good infra or don't conduct CTF's

29 catamob Not up some times ... But good ctf

29 Cyb3rz0n3 good one

29 e11i0t_ Soo SLooow

29 white_wolf intermediate challenges but we got 3rd?

29 e11i0t_ Worst infra ever

29 Mr_Ghost :)

2 ctfslott Bad infra, ended in very late start, no extension. Uninteresting challenges, more like bad puzzles.

1 suppapan bad

1 NAT زیرساختتون دور میخوره :)

10 streaker_rules Not interesting challenges

29 HacMao bad organization

24 neverlight There was a lot of interesting good challenges despite of some organization problems

29 karma9874 ;

1 Isopach CTF was down for over 36 hours, no time extension

1 suppapan bad management

29 Com3dian good

24 zephyr good set of challs atleast for me, missed pwn category :(

25 KFBI DDosed CTFd, challs and chall infra was good. Loved Telegram

5 maro takriz

25 zup Better challs than many of the CTFs I played recently. Wont give 29 because of 1(2?) unsolvable challs (1 got fixed) and problems with infra

24 maritio_o Although challs were a lot better than recent CTFs, I sadly need to deduct some points as there were many issues with infra :'(

29 gallileo Although hindered by the DDOS, challenges were still interesting. However, could have used some pwnables.

29 Toroto006 Infrastructure was kinda iffy, but otherwise good beginner challenges!

29 pr0PM Challenges and their diversity was awesome, although technical difficulties were harder, but can't blame the organisers for that.

5 ZetaTwo Unfortuantely completely unplayable due to severe infrastructure issues.