Voting ended at: June 7, 2020, 8 p.m.

Weight after voting: 21.77 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 _Ph03N1X_ nice CTF

25 Masrt200 Very One

25 t0m7r00z Good CTF.

25 vibonacci great

25 coreflood cool

19 sadn1ck was good for beginners like us, helped build concepts as well xd

25 tete2soja really nice!

25 Klaios Not bad

25 NZT Bad infra

25 better_call_n1ck learned quite a lot in this ctf

17 d0p_amin Bad infra, crypto was more like stegano (hate it) but some of the other challenges were really enjoyable! Would do again

25 slopey nice

20 NPC N1c3

25 _k0imet Several issues from CTFd but overall a good one

10 Razvi Entry level CTF with good quality challenges. Only drawback was the infrastructure, but overall it was quite good.

25 ret2basic Cool CTF. Pwn challenges were too easy.

18 dalemazza Bad Servers good CTF. Also spent a day trying to connect only to realise you has changed the url without redirecting from the old.

25 e11i0t_ Nice

25 Skyflan Fun challenges, learned a few things

25 robotsquid Had a good time

24 Klaios Decent

13 En1gma more harder revsing bro !!!

25 z3n Nice CTF

22 careless_finch CTF was good but infra was not that good

25 NZT meh

25 Nexov Bad servers but good CTF :)

24 streaker_rules good ctf

22 streaker_rules good ctf

25 crowded-geek so good!

25 crowded-geek a really nice CTF with nice challs and organizers


25 Masrt200 The best CTF ever

25 4n0nym4u5 ...

25 _wh1t3r0se_ noice

25 BlackWarriorXTN for the forensics and for sousse

21 lightspeedana enjoyed it :D

2 RealJammy crappy infrastructure

17 DEVINER Good One

25 Navprak Good CTF in spite of the initial hiccups

15 donjar web benefit a lot from gobuster, some of crypto involve guesswork (not so much actual crypto), infra issues. for beginner CTF it's alright

25 clash Awesome organizers!

25 h4ck7u5 nice admins and great CTF for the first one

14 BlackWarriorXTN im disappointed in the crypto tasks .. plus lot of guessing and bad infrastructure

25 zeyd-ilb crypto was excellent

25 arinerron .

25 thenishkarshagarwal HERE TO REVOTE!

1 KOOLI Where is crypto in your crypto tasks? Stegano is NOT crypto!We're supposed to learn smthg from CTFs! in this ctf we can only GUESS better.

25 slopey good challenges, bad infra, great admin

25 better_call_n1ck web challenges were awesome

25 lyellread Good CTF with some guessing but some solid challs.

25 AVONTON good challenges

25 coreflood n

20 psychoman great CTF! learn lots of new things!

25 Ethereal nice ctf - although web challs were guessy

25 alphasupreme77 Was on the easier side, but nice ctf, admins were helpful

17 tozkoparan There were fun challs but ctf was down for nearly half of the time

2 woa ctf was down for half the time; in addition, despite organisers saying that "bruteforcing was not needed" 2 of 5 web challs needed dirb.

1 thenishkarshagarwal LOVED IT. AWESOME MAN, I ENJOYED IT A LOT!

25 blue_spiker Very enjoyable CTF. Well done admins, who were under pressure with the infra issues.

25 chitkara.abhi Awesome!

25 p4w nice

23 hackyeaster Cool challenges

25 layka_ Despite the problems of infra at the beginning, this one is so cool !

15 sirnef Infra issues and lot of guessing but fun

25 sakonji great ctf

25 S0UL4 Amazing Tasks

25 thrumbos Really nice CTF

25 insomn14 Great re chall, i learn a lot from this

25 sshubhamk1 Awesome CTF problems were tricky and intriguing

25 tete2soja Learn some new stuff and nice CTF with friendly staff

25 brainrecursion few problems with infra but fun challenges

15 zavinator problems with infra, varying quality of challs (included guessing and not original challs)

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

25 gajrajgchouhan Infra got better eventually, admin were nice

13 arnab1729 Yes as mentioned in other comments as well, initially the servers were very slow. And the challenges were really good

25 FOLKS-iwd as first CTF that was good , they give back lost time , And admin was friendly helpful and kind GG !

25 SamaVerse The server was done often but loved solving challenges

25 Akinari Nice chall

25 DaKeiser Initially CTF had a infra, but then after sometime the organiser switched to a different service, which worked out. Admins were really nice